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St. Petersburg philanthropist shared his experience on the revival of his native village at the forum “Business Partners of Tatarstan”

St. Petersburg philanthropist shared his experience on the revival of his native village at the forum “Business Partners of Tatarstan”

St. Petersburg philanthropist shared his experience on the revival of his native village at the forum “Business Partners of Tatarstan”

December  05, 2018

One of the most vivid and informative presentations of the past forum “Business Partners of Tatarstan” was the report by  a prominent Tatar public figure, philanthropist and businessman from St. Petersburg Khairullin Kamil Agzamovich.

“Hyormutle Presidentsbyz Rustam Nurgalievich!

Hyormuth Presidium!

Hyormatl kunaklara forum!

I love and respect the Tatar language, but since I do not know the literary language, I may not be able to convey all my thoughts and therefore I will speak in Russian.

I have been an active participant in the Tatar movement in St. Petersburg since the early 90s. Many undertakings, including the creation of Tatar national cultural autonomy were made with my participation and with my financial support. And as an activist, I thank the leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan for having preserved the representation of the republic in our city, unlike the republic of Bashkortostan, and a worthy person takes this place – Valiullin Renat Nakifovich.

My name is Kamil Khairullin, I came to you from St. Petersburg, but I was born and grew up in the Chelyabinsk region, in the village of Sultanovo, about which I want to tell today and maybe this story will resonate in your hearts ..

For my money, I revive life in my native village, investing millions of rubles and my soul there. The purpose of my speech is not to draw attention to my person, but to find among you and your friends those who want to move to live and work in this village.

I began work on reviving the village in April 2018. The path traveled during these 7 months gave me confidence in the correctness of the decision made and the prospects of this social project. I am convinced that our historical and national heritage has been  preserved in the villages.

In spite of the fact that I lived most of my life in the cultural capital, I never let go of my heart from home and I can call myself proudly village man.

You all know how much our country now needs a developed agriculture. I see no future in this sector without a decent life in the villages.

And of course, my intention is a little wider than to just ennoble Sultanovo.

I hope that my native village is only a starting point and an example of the successful restoration of hundreds and thousands of villages throughout Russia.


Unfortunately, in our society there is a stereotype about  low cultural and educational level of people living in villages. To destroy this stereotype is now the main task of all those who want to achieve the prosperity of small territories.

In the village of today and tomorrow, people with higher education who understand the most modern technologies should live and work.

Thus, the adjective “village” would not be a characteristic of the educational and cultural level, but simply a designation of the place of residence.

After all, it is convenient for someone to measure their free space in square meters, and for someone – hundreds acres and hectares.

I could recreate the former branch of the state collective  farm (sovkhoz), building farms and cultivating one and a half thousand hectares of abandoned fields, but this way would lead to the fact that this will be my business, this will  all be tied up with me.

I want to help create in the village 20 strong small independent farms that would be the “engine” for the village and could develop it even without my participation.

To attract such people, I announced that I am ready to provide financial leverage to anyone who comes here to create his  own farm.

It is important for me to give talented people a chance to build their future, not only in the field of agriculture, but also in small industrial production.

In order for such people to come here soon, I have already built 3 houses of pine 6 by 8 meters with all the amenities.

These houses are free to live in and are waiting for their owners.

The fourth house was also built, in which the paramedic’s family will soon call in.

The cattle breeder also moved from Chelyabinsk to us. For him, we modernized a hangar for a farm of 20 cows. This  is the case when a person living  in a village with  pleasure.

He already bought a horse, considering that the car is less practical for rural off-road.

We trained a local woman to make real Italian cheese, bought the appropriate equipment for her. The entire product line has high quality and food safety guarantees.


Local residents are already passing  their homemade milk at a cheese factory, at 30 rubles each per liter.

I emphasize that my main goal is not to enrich individual business units, but to improve the financial situation of as many local residents as possible, but at the expense of the results of their own work.

Of course, you cannot raise the village only on business development. There is no future without children. That is why I decided that first of all I will give support to young large families with children up to 8 years old. In our village there is a kindergarten and a school.

I would like to see what exactly such families succeed in striving to raise livestock, plant fields, produce popular products.

If such families succeed in creating for their children an understanding that you can live on earth with dignity, then they will form the right vision!

These children will not leave their native land for long for the sake of urban pleasures. Because it draws you to your home at any age, and over the years it attracts even more.

It is very important for me that I had the opportunity to speak in front of so many Tatar businessmen,

I will be very grateful for your advice, as you would have done in my place, reviving the village.

Come to Sultanovo, I will be glad to see each of you!

In cities we quickly lose our national identity – villages are the center of cultural preservation!

With the revival of small territories, we will preserve a huge layer of national traditions and crafts, and most importantly, the native language.

The language in which, Alla Birsa, we will always talk with our children, both in life and in their memory, and they will talk with their own. Thanks for attention.”





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