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Tatar Alley in Nizhny Novgorod will be laid May 18

Tatar Alley in Nizhny Novgorod will be laid May 18

Tatar Alley in Nizhny Novgorod will be laid May 18

May 5, 2019

Works on coordination and preparation for implanting  of the Tatar Alley  have been  successfully completed. The organizer is RNCATNO with the support of the SOTEKS Group of Companies, Danil Latypov (assistant member of the Public Chamber of the Nizhny Novgorod Region V.P. Kamaldinova, the youngest member of the RNKATNO Board) and Ruslan Nigmatzyanov (member of the Public Chamber of Nizhny Novgorod, head of the working group ” Housing and Public Utilities (OPNN).

May 18, the day of  implanting  of our alley, we invite everyone to a festive, and perhaps historical, event. A Tatar alley will have a memorial sign with historical information about this historic place for the Tatars. The site for the Tatar alley is located along the Park. May 1, in which Tatar youth once met at the “Pyatachok ” and the traditional venue for the annual Tatar holiday Sabantui. The beginning of the landing at 10.00

Our activists are not going to stop there; the greening of our city will continue as part of the «Zeleny Nizhni»  project presented by Ruslan at a meeting of the City Public Chamber.

Hybrid globular willow saplings Have been  ordered by “Green City”,  before May 1, we need to make a 50% prepayment.

Benches with Tatar ornaments and garbage bins are already in production and will be installed on the day of laying the Tatar alley. Executive Committee of RNCATNO is very grateful to Latypov Danil, Nigmatzyanov Ruslan and their leader Ilshat Inzirovich Nigmatzyanov that they took upon themselves the lion’s share of the embodiment of this wonderful idea.

And we will hope that in just a few years the Tatars of our city will be able to walk with pride along the avenue planted with their own hands with their children. And  those  who want to contribute to the development and preservation of Tatar culture below the details of the  Sberbank.

Details: 4276 4200 2498 2711, Latypov Danil Ranilovich



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