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Tatar-Bashkir Cultural Center “Tugan Tel” of Kyrgyzstan celebrates the 30the  anniversary

Tatar-Bashkir Cultural Center “Tugan Tel” of Kyrgyzstan celebrates the 30the anniversary

June  20, 2019

Today in Kyrgyzstan, the 30th anniversary of the Tatar-Bashkir Cultural Center “Tugan Tel” of the Assembly of the People of Kyrgyzstan was celebrated. Vasil Shaikhrasiyev, Deputy Prime Minister of Tatarstan, Chairman of the National Council of the World Tatar Congress, took part in the celebrations.

The Tatar-Bashkir Cultural Center “Tugan Tel” has been operating in the republic for 30 years. Since 1998, he has been headed by Ulmaskulova Gulsina Haydarovna. In the center “Tugan tel”  national and religious holidays are celebrated. Very warmly  the performances of the song and dance ensemble “Sarman” and the children’s dance group “Tugan tel”, functioning at the center are  accepted    by the population. There is a Sunday school at the center. In 2018, a termless contract was signed between  Department for the Administration of the President of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Ministry of State Property of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Tatar-Bashkir Cultural Center “Tugan Tel” for the lease of 280 sq.m. in a two-story building on  Razzakova St. 17, in which the “Asyl Bala” educational center recently  has   opened. In addition, to date, members of the Tugan tel Center  the work is under way  at  the Bishkek City on creating  Kyrgyzstan-Tatarstan Trade Center, where the shopping center, exhibition halls of the products of Kyrgyzstan and Tatarstan, the center of active recreation will be concentrated and   sports grounds.

Gulsina Ulmaskulova, having welcomed everyone gathered for the anniversary evening, told about the history of  creating  the organization headed   by her  and about the work done. During the activities of the Tatar organizations of Kyrgyzstan, a lot has been done to solve the statutory tasks of cultural centers to preserve the identity of the Tatar people, develop culture, traditions, customs, conduct various cultural events with the participation of representatives of the Tatar diaspora. The national holiday “Sabantuy” is annually held, where Tatars come from all regions of the republic. Each delegation brings its performers with the best concert programs. Many cultural events are held on Victory Day, March 8, Nauruz, Mother’s Day, religious holidays, etc. Literary evenings devoted to the work of Tatar writers are held with great success.

Gulsina Ulmaskulova thanked the Republic of Tatarstan for the assistance provided.

Vasil Shaikhraziev marked  that the organization “Tugan Tel” of Kyrgyzstan is one of the most active.

– Here, both young people and entrepreneurs are very active. You are an example for many. Congratulations. I wish you fruitful work in the future, ”  Vasil Shaikhraziev wished.

Then  chairman of the National Council presented state awards.

At the gala evening, many congratulatory words were heard from officials, representatives of other diasporas, as well as representatives of other Tatar associations of Kyrgyzstan.

The anniversary evening continued with a solemn concert.

For reference:

Tatars moved to Kyrgyzstan from Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. They were one of the first enlighteners who opened schools in the republic and taught the Kyrgyz youth literacy. Today, about 55,000 Tatars live in Kyrgyzstan. In particular, in Bishkek itself about 16 thousand Tatars (the population of Bishkek is about 1 million people).



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