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“Tatar kyzy 2015” in Astrakhan

“Tatar kyzy 2015” in Astrakhan

May 17, in a city of Astrakhan, the Theater of Young Spectators hosted a final show of the annual regional national contest “Tatar kyzy – 2015” (“Tatar BEAUTY-2015”). According to the strict jury Karina Kadermyatova, a resident of the Volga region, village Tri potoka, has become “Tatar kyzy-2015”

For two months, the organizers of the contest – the Tatar national culture “Duslyk” supported by the Agency for Youth Affairs of the Astrakhan region carried out extensive work on preparing the event, rehearsals and master classes for participants of the competition. As a result, the final of the regional competition was attended by eight girls, aged from 17 to 25 years who fought on May 17 for the title of the most worthy representatives of the Tatar people of the Astrakhan region.

The purpose of the event – the revival and preservation of the Tatar national culture and education of the younger generation in a spirit of love for their culture, to their homeland. These ambitious targets were defined also as criteria for sorting out in finals. Much attention was paid to such moments, as the command of the mother tongue, a deep knowledge of Tatar culture.

In final, the participants had to go through some difficult test: present their “visit card” with a video, to show themselves worthy during the defile in traditional costumes, evening dress and in a modern way, for few minutes to demonstrate the creative talent, to present one of the dishes of traditional cuisine so that it will win the approval of the strict jury. I must say that each of the participants succeeded in their own way to surprise the audience. Despite the excitement, they were able to give the audience a real treat. All participants have received prizes and diplomas.

As a result, Karina Kadermyatova has won in nomination “Tatar kyzy – 2015”.

Nomination “Hyyal Kyzy” – Oksana Sarieva, v. Lineinoye

Nomination “Akiyat kyzy” – Regina Lukmanova, v. Osypny bugor

Nomination “Irke Kyzy” – Guzel Aubikerova, v. Yaksatovo

Nomination “Ryasem Kyzy” – Karina Musyakaeva, Astrakhan

Nomination “Yalkyn Kyzy” – Deniza Rakhmatullina, v. Tri potoka

Nomination “Chibyar Kyzy” – Renata Yalkapova, v. Osypnoi bugor

Nomination “Altyn Kyzy” – Diana Hudayberdieva, Astrakhan

The organizing committee of the contest “Tatar Kyzy”

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