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“Tatar kyzy – 2018” (Ufa)

“Tatar kyzy – 2018” (Ufa)

12 finalists of the project “Tatar kyzy-2018” have been  defined!


Radiant smiles, dimples on the cheeks, a mysterious look from under the long eyelashes … 12 finalists of the project “Tatar kyzy-2018” have been  defined! On the eve, in Ufa  city, at the theater “Nur”  a semifinal   took place. More than 30 girls demonstrated their talents, skills and beauty to eminent members of the jury. Beautiful participants, fighting  with excitement, answered questions, taking off shoes slapped off the step, and, inherent to  the Tatars, with their patience, they waited for announcements of the results. The members of the jury had a difficult time. After all, all the participants are very beautiful, tender, feminine and know their native language well. They dance, sing, play musical instruments. In a word, a feast for the eyes. But the choice, there is a choice and one must clearly follow the situation. Someone did not have enough for nothing, a couple of centimeters in height. But, dear girls, do not despair, you have already proved that you can cope with your diffidence  and believe in yourself. The organizing committee of “Tatars kyzy-2018” sincerely thanks each of you for your participation. And we can confidently say that in your hands the future of the people will shine with new bright colors. And you will be able not only to preserve the heritage but also to multiply.

We congratulate the finalists and remind you that very busy, not always easy, but very interesting days are waiting for you. Already on April 11 you will plunge into the fascinating world, called “Tatar kyzy – 2018” We are waiting for you!





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