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Tatar poetry evening

Tatar poetry evening

In the library of the village of Ufa Shigiri, a meeting with the poets of the village was held.

At the evening meeting pupils of grades 5-9 of Ufa-Shigirinskoy school took part, poets Shamsi Shahman, Rayhan Nafikova and relatives of storytellers, poets, who are not alive: Ahtamova Kamila, Akmaletdinova Rasilal, Muzipova Gaziza, Gainetdinova Katifa. The meeting was called “Hulk Avazy – jan Azygy!”

Presenters were Flyuza Gainetdinova – teacher of the Tatar language and literature, Lilia Bilalova – Head of rural libraries.

The scenario was built in the form of traveling through the village. Each poet put a flag (home location) on the map of the village. Children told biography of the poet and folk storytellers, recited poems, asked questions. And the whole event ended with the presentation of tea and small gifts. At the table the creation of a book-samizdat was discussed, the need for such events.

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