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Tatar Youth of Uzbekistan – we are 6 years!

Tatar Youth of Uzbekistan – we are 6 years!

The idea of creating an organization “Tatar Youth of Uzbekistan – Uzbekistan Tatar Yashlyare ” was born in the minds and hearts of many girls and lads of a friendly group in process of communication through the Internet. The impetus to unite was the announcement by President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov – the year 2008 – the Year of Youth in Uzbekistan. And Tatar youth decided to show our adult generation that we have benefited all the best, valuable from them, and that are ready to augment the heritage of our ancestors. January 18, 2008 , the Council of Tatar Youth was formed under the Tatar Public Cultural and Educational Center (TPCEC) in Tashkent.

Every year, in January, folks celebrate their birthday. It should be said that the Tatar youth one of the most active and energetic among other national youth organizations . Folks constantly demonstrate and prove their commitment to national traditions, lively participate in all public holidays , as well as in social, cultural and spiritual life of the Tatars.

The main aim and objective of our group is a social activity and charity. Every year on International Children’s Day, we celebrate the kids from orphan’s asylum, handing them gifts and sweets, plant trees and flowers with children. Together with the Cultural Centre and Representation of Tatarstan, on Memorial Day on May 9 as part of the project “Knocking On Every Veteran”, since 2008 we have been congratulating all the veterans Tatars of Tashkent , going home to each of them, handing food package, flowers, performing war, frontline and folk songs, personalized memorabilia cards and letters of thanks are handed.

Uzbekistan – is a multicultural country , so our events are attended by the representatives of different nationalities. Thus, we promulgate the Tatar culture, traditions and customs of the Tatar people.

Monthly, themed evenings and Tatar youth discos «Tatar Party» are held. At these events, different contests, dancing under the Tatar club music are held, folks are get acquainted to create a serious relationship. For all the time of holding discos, more than 800 wedding couples got married, and this is already more than 1600 people, whom beautiful babies are born. The need for a quality modern Tatar disco – not catastrophically, but demographically is necessary!

Every summer, a traditional national holiday Sabantui is held which takes place early June in the Park of Culture and Rest named after Babur. It is attended by many Tatar music and dance groups and associations in Uzbekistan, such as “Yashlek”, “Duslyk”, “Bulgar”, as well as pop stars and guests from Tatarstan. This holiday as their own is perceived by the representatives of all the peoples, living in Uzbekistan. Tatar youth, along with older members of the Tatar cultural center, takes an active part in holding and organization by scale, by size, of the national holiday, which, for the entire day , is visited by more than 30 thousand people of Tatar and other nationalities. Also, the representatives of embassies, various government organizations, cultural centers, and television journalists are invited.

In order to explore the history of the Tatar nation by younger generation, bringing them to the values of the national culture, various lectures on the history are delivered with watching video and photo materials. Excursions, ethnographic, scientific and practical conferences, creative and poetic evenings are held.

Every 2 years, Tatar World Youth Forum is held in Kazan , after which closer and constructive dialogue with various youth of Tatar organizations from around the world is progressing. After the Forum, our new friends come to Tashkent from Tatarstan, Kazakhstan, Bashkiria, Latvia, Ukraine, China, etc. Together with them, we travel to the ancient cities of Uzbekistan – Samarkand, Bukhara Urgench, Khiva and others. Acquaintance with history and cultural values of our native land with its achievements since independence is going.

That’s the way we communicate and make friends after the World Youth Forum of the Tatars.

In order to build a solid foundation for further development of the Tatar nation, it is necessary for Tatar youth to absorb national values, a centuries-old spiritual heritage of our ancestors, as well as their intellectual achievements and best practices.

After all, it is no secret that the will to preserve and develop traditions, customs, culture, language and peacefulness in Tatar society – a society, without a doubt, intelligent, friendly and amicable is the most important task for many, including the Tatar youth of Uzbekistan!

Tatar Youth of Uzbekistan thanks to the leadership of Uzbekistan for the conditions created for overall development and growth of youth. We wish all, further new achievements and success in our noble efforts to preserve its rich historical heritage and spiritual unity of the Tatars, regardless of their place of residence.

Our goals and thoughts are single as our nation is united!

Chairman of the Council of Tatar Youth under TPCEC in Tashkent, Member of the Board of the World Forum of Tatar Youth

Nariman Karimov

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