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Tatar youth will meet in Tallinn

Tatar youth will meet in Tallinn

23 – 25 August,  2013,  in Estonia, “Association of Tatar youth of Europe” holds «  The II Forum of Tatar youth of Europe» (II FTME). First FTME with a huge success was held in 2012 in Riga. At the II FTME, it is  planned to gather about 200 people from the Tatar youth of Europe: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, England, Finland, Sweden, Belarus and Russia.

The program of  FTME events : conference and discussions on current topics and issues of the Tatar people in Europe, the lecture ” History of the Tatars and the Baltic States of Europe”, a visit to the Islamic Cultural Center “Turatkh” and lectures on relevant topics for Muslim Youth, a gala concert with the participation, as young  so  distinguished Tatar artists, a master class on  Tatar dance,   a tour of Tallinn, and more.

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