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Tatars in Chechnya

Tatars in Chechnya

“At this stage, we tell about Tatars compactly residing in settlement Grebenskaya, Shelkovsky rayon of republic. Albina Bektemirova was born February 9, 1974. She holds the position of Director of the Grebenskaya Tatar national-cultural center since 2005.

In a postwar period to establish full functioning of the Centre was difficult. There was no building for cultural workers, and initially we had to live in a house of Albina, in usual private home. As time passed, it became a little easier, a room in administration building of the village Grebenskaya was allocated. And so long as in 2011 the Centre moved to a new building adapted for the functioning of the cultural center.

“We were the Grebenskaya Tatar national-cultural center, and were obliged to be engaged in something. We had no equipment, national costumes. We do not even dreamed of. Mainly, we were engaged in revival of traditions and customs of the Tatars. We taught children

the national rites. For example, as earlier, prepared blanket for the bride or arranged how to get acquainted with relatives of the groom. Taught wool processing. And, of course, taught Tatar dance, singing songs, “- says Albina Bektemirova.

The cultural center was missing an important attribute – national costumes. But in 2009, during the Days of Culture of the Tatars that took place in Grozny, the Chechen Ministry for National Policy, External Relations, Press and Information allocated funds that went into the long-awaited sewing costumes.

Under the Tatar national-cultural center we have a small library and a mini-museum. The museum features a variety of exhibits – everyday objects of antiquity. All literature in library is in Tatar. As a rule, they were gifted for the Centre by guests, visitors from Chuvashia, Tatarstan and other regions. Here’s hoping that the library will be updated with new books, while special shelves designed for a large number of books here and there.

The Center offers 6 circles: vocal, dance, folklore-ethnographic group, a circle of young artists and artistic expression.

“We treat all directions. They are all important and we are engaged in their development “, – says Albina.

But against the general background stands out vocal and folklore-ethnographic circles. Center staff noted that the children generally go to dance. Dance teacher is with busy productions, and in spring we will have in a repertoire 3 dances. Vocal circle is active for a long time, so the soloists of the Grebenskaya Tatar national cultural center has proven a positive side.

“The leadership is well satisfied by our activities. We’re trying to go forward. Moreover, by its actions, creating all necessary conditions, the leadership of the Chechen Republic simplifies our work, thus inspiring us for new achievements. The problems are left behind, and we are determined to work “, – director of the Grebenskaya Tatar national-cultural center Albina Bektemirova” said.


News agency “Grozny-Inform”

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