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Tatars of Florida prepare for the first Sabantui holiday

Tatars of Florida prepare for the first Sabantui holiday

Our compatriots, having appeared by a twist of fate in US Florida, this year for the first time are going to hold together Sabantui festival. Preparations for the festival, scheduled for March 21, has already begun. The hosts are waiting to visit all those who have the desire and opportunity to visit the festive maidan.

Such an appeal appeared on Facebook:

– Dear friends! We –Tatars of Florida, are pleased to invite you to the first Tatar Sabantui –old Tatar-Bashkir plow festival, a sort of crown of spring field works. This wonderful folk tradition through the centuries has come to our days. Today Sabantui embodies not only the hard work and commitment of our people, but also the history of our ancestors, the link with the past and a remarkable coexistence of Tatars and Bashkirs with other nations. In New York, Washington and San Francisco Sabantuy has become a tradition, it’s time to invite the holiday to our state likewise. National representation, musical items, and not only eastern dishes, dances, songs, competitions and

gifts, all this is on our Sabantui. We invite you to dive and discover a warm atmosphere of Tatar-Bashkir people, because a national holiday, this is an event where everyone can feel part of a big happy family. We expect a lot of interesting people from different states. Do not miss this historic event, the first in the history of Florida Tatar Sabantui! Our celebration is scheduled for March 21 in one of the most beautiful parks in South Florida-Tradewinds Park / Butterfly World. We rented a large indoor space Grandiosa Shelter, where is a lot of room for dancing and games. Come yourself, bring your children invite your friends and relatives.

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