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Tatars of Germany: “Until Sabantui 10 days left!”

Tatars of Germany: “Until Sabantui 10 days left!”

Several years have passed since Sabantui found its residence in Europe. And Tatars of Germany laid beginning of this in 2002, after holding the first two Sabantui – in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. Giving impetus to the Tatar movement in Western Europe, Germany Tatars not only created the Union of Tatars of Germany, but also set an example for Tatars in neighboring states that you can create from scratch Tatar organizations in countries where historically they never happened . So on the map , new lights with Tatar callsigns appeared – in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, the UK and more recently – in Bulgaria and Hungary. And Sabantui by its colorful gait walked across Europe. Start of European Sabantui this year gave Brussels, then the baton was picked up by Paris, London, on turn – Riga and Prague, and this rainbow of Sabantui is crowned by a holiday in Europe, in Germany, in the capital of Saxony – Leipzig, which will be held June 14.

The point that this year Sabantui will be held in Saxony is symbolic because Saxony has a long partnership with Tatarstan , and this time the initiative was supported both by mayor of Leipzig Mr. Brukhard Jung and Prime Minister of Saxony, Mr. Stanislaw Tillich. The fete to be attended by Consul General of the Russian Federation in Leipzig , Mr.

Vyacheslav Logutov , chief tonmeister of National State Library of Germany Torsten Alya and other dignitaries.

Union activists of Tatars of Germany ” Deutschland Tatarlar ” a few months ago started to prepare a program of the holiday , which will be held in Central Park of Leipzig named after Clara Zetkin. As always , the program includes traditional games, competitions , kuresh , performances by culture figures from Tatarstan , as well as amateur artists. Together with the Union of Tatars hard work in preparing the holiday has been done by Berlin organization of Tatars TAMGA, Institute of Kavkaziki , tatariki and Turkestan research, as well as the firm Volsh -Dnepr , which also had rendered major sponsorship.

Sabantui is conquering Europe – by its fun, the joy of life , a riot of colors and originality of the national essence. Welcome to the Sabantui in Germany, in Leipzig !

Venera Vagizova

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