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Tatars of Mordovia marked Sabantui

Tatars of Mordovia marked Sabantui

Sabantui – Tatar national holiday of labor, plowing and spring sowing. In Mordovia, Sabantui traditionally is held in a village Lyambir. This Sabantui is tenth, and not usual one. On the occasion of holyday Lyambir region residents received two wonderful gifts.

First – it is bright and spacious new building of branch of the Pension Fund, which is mounted with the most modern equipment. Second, no less meaningful gift to Sabantui – opening of a new registry office of Lyambir region. Until recently, there were no registry’s own building. Earlier, to commit formal registration of marriage, lyambirtsers had to travel to Saransk or other regions of the country.

Participants came to the hospitable holiday Lyambir soil from all the corners of Mordovia. “Sabantui was and will always be relevant because only with work, a cheerful spirit and strength of man – toiler, all our achievements, our progress is founded,” – Prime Minister of Mordovia Vladimir Sushkov said.

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