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Tatars remember their heroes! Timur Mukhutdinov’s Tournament in Tyumen

Tatars remember their heroes! Timur Mukhutdinov’s Tournament in Tyumen

In Tyumen city, June 6-8, at the sports complex “Stroymash ” an annual open tournament on mini-football dedicated to the memory of the Hero of the Russian Federation Timur Mukhutdinov to be held. Feature of the tournament is that each team , according to the provisions, should be composed as of young players, as well as “veterans .”

According to the chairman of the executive committee of the Tyumen region Congress of Tatars Rinat Nasyrov, the tournament was established not only for promotion of football among young people, for marching between young athletes and experienced prominent players on football pitch, the main thing – it is a symbol of a sporting event of what we honor and remember as our heroes!

Organizers : Congress of Tatars of the Tyumen region, the Committee for Nationalities .

Tournament symbolizes heroic act committed by Timur Mukhutdinov. He was a senior detective for particularly important cases of the combat detachment of special mission forces of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate in Tyumen

region, a police major. Born in the village Embaevo of Tyumen region in a Tatar family. In official missions in the North Caucasus , Timur Mukhametsabirovich revealed more than a dozen members of illegal armed groups and individuals assisting them, found several warehouses and caches of weapons. He piously revered officer’s honor and never tarnished it by abuses. He was correct, and in any situation always maintained his dignity.

During regular mission, he by his heroic act saved the lives of all the fellows of composite group. By Edict of the President of the Russian Federation for courage and heroism in the line of duty in circumstances involving a risk to life in the North Caucasus region, police major Timur Mukhametsabarovich Mukhutdinov awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously). May 5, 2012 the governor of the Tyumen region V.V.Yakushev handed mark of special distinction of Hero of the Russian Federation – the medal ” Gold Star » (№ 985) to his mother – Nina Pavlovna Mukhutdinova .

This year 8 teams showed up for the tournament. The highlight of the event will be an exhibition game between the team of Union of Tatar youth of one of the participating teams.

We will remember our heroes and support our athletes!

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