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Tatarstan flag was first hoisted on Cape of Good Hope

Tatarstan flag was first hoisted on Cape of Good Hope


September 18, 2019

The Tatarstan flag was first hoisted on the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa by traveler Rustam Kazanbaev. He is one of the crew members who travel around the world in an UAZ car.

“I am a Tatar from Bashkortostan, I lived in Kazan. I hoisted the flag of Tatarstan on all continents and in 63 countries where I was. Including where the Tatarstan flag has never been raised – on the Cape of Good Hope and in Guyana. Tatars are a people who are proud of their nation. Wherever the Tatar is, if he has a Tatarstan flag, he will raise it, ”Rustam shared.

In 2017, three friends – Alexander Morozov, Nikolai Balandinsky from the Moscow region and Rustam Kazanbaev from Bashkortostan decided to make the first round-the-world trip on domestic transport. “Russian, Jew and Tatar,” Rustam jokes about the crew.

They chose UAZ as a truly domestic car, which for 60 years on the conveyor without any changes.

As the traveler explained, according to the adopted rules, three conditions are necessary for recognizing the fact of world travel. So, you need to visit all time zones, cross the equator at least two times and walk at least 40 thousand kilometers. According to Rustam, all the conditions have already been fulfilled, there is very little left – to go the last route from Vladivostok to Moscow.

The guys left Moscow, passing all the countries of Europe through Gibraltar, they moved to Africa. Having reached South Africa, they sailed to South America – to Uruguay, and from there – to Mexico. Now travelers are in Moscow, and their transport is being transported to Vladivostok. They plan to complete the journey in two months. “I raised the flag of Tatarstan everywhere,” Rustam emphasized.

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