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The 5  World Forum of Tatar Women: Afterword

The 5 World Forum of Tatar Women: Afterword


On  the name  of the chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov and head of the organization of Tatar women “Ak kalfak” Kadria Idrisova  a letter  has been received  from Penza, expressing gratitude for  organization of the 5th World Forum of Tatar Women.



Rinat Zinnurovich and Kadria Raisovna!

Dear Organizing Committee

And everyone who participated in  preparing  this important event!

Let me express to you my deepest gratitude and sincere thanks  from the Penza delegation “Ak kalfak” for a high organization and successful holding of the 5th World Forum of Tatar women.

I would like to note that we at the right place at the right time heard from Kadria Idrissova a firm concrete course of activity of the women’s public organization for the next period, we appreciated  constructiveness of the speeches  by  foreign and regional leaders at the plenary meeting and welcomed all worthily recognized friends and colleagues. In one breath a professionally selected program of trips through the districts  has been  filled with extremely relevant useful materials, we were spiritually  got enriched by unforgettable cultural events, and, full of inspiration, returned to our  small homeland, in order to start today the urgent women’s and, we are now confident, great deeds!

Kazan is the capital, Mother dear,

Oh, Tatarstan, my wisest Father!

Rakhmyat for a Gift! Your daughter is leaving,

Having accepted the Tatar golden crown,

In which sapphires are woven into prayers,

Poems are diamonds, pearl songs.

My AK CALFAK, decorate the Tatar ladies  of the WORLD,

And, MOTHER with the baby, become a road to the world !!!


Chairman of the Penza office “Ak Kalfak”

Elmira Vasilyeva

and a delegation of

Galia Tenisheva, Leila Trengulova, Vasilya Bogdanova,

Zimfira Bareeva, Alfiya Pateeva, Eleonora Bikzhanova,

Mevlyuda Devlikamova.

April 2017.


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