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The award for professionalism

The award for professionalism

The traditional annual celebration of the best journalists of Mordovia, timed to the Day of the Russian was held press at the House of the Republic. Head of the republic Vladimir Volkov congratulated journalists of the republic on holiday.

Speaking to reporters, head of the republic urged to continue approaching ahead very delicately and professionally to the coverage of thin threads of international relations. Interethnic brotherhood of peoples of Mordovia – our great heritage, which should be cherished and protected from possible adverse effects from the outside to protect from provocative encroachments by detractors. More useful – bigger and brighter display of positive experience of successful cooperation, unity of people of different nationalities and religions on the same land, while preserving their national and cultural identity. This is fostered by authorities of the republic. That agreement between peoples is the basis of social and economic well-being of the region.

At a meeting with journalists Vladimir Volkov appreciated the outcomes of work of the national media.

Chief editor of “Yuldash” Kamil Tangalychev received a special award from the Head of the Republic of Mordovia “for professional excellence.” This award assesses his work in leading the Republican socio-political newspaper of Tatars of Mordovia, as well as his own political journalism. Prominent place on the pages of our newspaper is dedicated to the preservation and development of traditional national values of the peoples, historical memory, as well as the preservation of the centuries-old interethnic and interreligious harmony in the country. The “Yuldash” publishes a lot of analytical materials on the problems of national and cultural development of the Tatars of Mordovia. In addition, Vladimir Volkov awarded Kamil Tangalycheva a personal incentive award for the systematic publication by the newspaper “Yuldash” materials about people employed in manufacturing, and in a spiritual realm. This, may be said, one of our main themes. Head of the republic during the official reception, emphasized the importance of the theme about creative human – human of labor in the newspapers, on radio and television.

Award by the Journalists Union of Mordovia “Best Journalistic 2014” became a columnist for “Yuldash” Albina Davydova. So, her numerous publications about the wonderful people who live and work in our country has been marked.

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