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The  Chelyabinsk Region  has “enriched”  by one more another mosque

The  Chelyabinsk Region  has “enriched”  by one more another mosque

September 22,  in Selyankino settlement a solemn opening ceremony of the first mosque in the Miass city district was held.

In this historic event,  took part the acting head of the district Grigory Tonkikh, the chief mufti of the Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions, Rinat hazrat Raev, the imam muhtasib of the Miass district, Ahmad Khazrat Khasanyanov, the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region Lena Kolesnikova, the chairman of the Kurultay of Bashkis  Kuray, Voloshina Guzel, the director “Management of Culture” Zhanna Martens, and other officials, as well as residents of Selyankino settlement and believers from different parts of the district.

The Nasyrovs family and the Saifutdinovs family were at the beginning of the construction of the mosque. In this noble cause, many forces, means and opportunities were applied. The main initiators of the construction of the mosque and preparation of the project were two brothers Nasyrov Eduard Kharrasovich and Nasyrov Rustam Kharrasovich.

The council of the mosque decided to call this mosque “Gailya”, which means “Family”, because in fact the construction of this mosque was united not only by their family, but also by all  the  Muslims of our urban district.

The construction of the Cathedral Mosque was started by the brothers Nasyrovs in 2008, but due to a lack of funds, it was suspended. And already in 2012 the site was donated to the Regional Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Chelyabinsk region and the construction was renewed by joint efforts under the banner of the Central Religious Board of Muslims of Russia.

The mosque was built by the whole world, but still the main assistant and builder is the construction company LLC IBK. During the opening ceremony on behalf of the Supreme Mufti of Russia Sheykhul Islam Talgat Safa Tajuddin mufti Rinat hazrat awarded active patrons with thank-you letters, and the director of “IBC” Valiyev Farit medal “Al-Igtisam” (“Consolidation”).

After the ceremony of cutting the ribbon, a general midday prayer was held inside the mosque.

This day is remarkable for the fact that this day was 230 years since the founding of the Central Religious  Board of Muslims  of Russia.

The history of the CRBM  of Russia goes back to the famous “Highest Decree” by  the Empress Catherine II about the formation in Ufa of the Orenburg Mohammedan spiritual meeting of September 22, 1788. The decree legally established for Muslims not just the status of full-fledged residents  of the Russian Empire, but was in essence also an obvious recognition of their enduring historical role in the formation of Russia as a state and civilization. Muslims themselves, thanks to the Decree, obtained a legal opportunity to create their all-Russian spiritual organization centered in Ufa, which, admittedly, contributed not only to their spiritual consolidation, but also to the acceleration of all subsequent social, economic and political development.

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