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The festival of the Tatar wedding took place in Moscow

The festival of the Tatar wedding took place in Moscow

At  the Tatar cultural center was a festival of the Tatar wedding was held. The correspondent of “VM” estimated the national rite.

Nikakh – this is the name of the Tatar wedding. According to the organizers of the festival, in the modern world it is extremely important to remind young Tatars about the traditions of their people.

– This is the first step in creating a family. Only after the Nikakh, which is a Divine injunction,  the two people can be considered a husband and wife before the Most High and society.

This is a kind of contract between the spouse and the wife, which secures rights and duties in the subsequent life together, “explains Mufti of Moscow Ildar Alyautdinov.

To make it clear, nikakh is an analogue of the Orthodox wedding.

It must be done before registering the marriage at the registry office, so that the groom could touch the bride there.

After all, the registry office traditionally comes the turn of embraces and kisses.

Of course, the newlyweds were invited to the festival at the Tatar cultural center.

The ceremony was conducted by the Imam of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque Damirjan Hazrat.

It is curious that Dinara and Rinat Zulkarneev nikakh  already  passed in the summer on the same day as the registration at the registry office. It turns out that you can update this ceremony as many as you want. Therefore, Dinara gladly put on the wedding dress again, and Rinat – a strict suit.

“We remembered the wedding day so much that we decided to repeat it,” the young people explain. – The rite of marriage before the Creator is conducted by a mullah.

There is a necessary order of actions. First you need to get the consent of the bride, then the consent of her guardian – father or brother. Then comes the time of mahra – a wedding gift.

Tatars do not have such a thing as the Kalym. A wedding gift, mahrs, is intended specifically for the bride.

Of course, on the day of the nickakh, it is customary to greet guests with a generous table.

The festival organizer Azat Galamshin shared his impressions: “You know, the idea of ​​holding the festival nickakh was born to me after participating in the network broadcasting of” Evening Moscow “. Then the conversation was about the people of the capital.

I realized how important it is to remind the Muslim youth of the capital about their roots. Muslim youth should be fashionable and at the same time never forget their traditions.

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