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The final of  project “Pearls of the Tatar language”  in Bashkiria    held

The final of project “Pearls of the Tatar language”  in Bashkiria    held

The final of the project “Pearls of the Tatar language” took place in the Sterlibashevsky district of Bashkiria.

The project of a kindergarten in the village of Aidarali was recognized as the winner of the contest for   provision of grants from  Head of Bashkortostan. In early November, a branch of the Aydarali kindergarten, the Yasherganov kindergarten, took part in the project. On the basis of the Yasherganov rural House of Culture, a large festive event took place –  presentation of the grant project “Visiting a folk tale”. Pupils of the kindergarten showed a fairy tale “Three girls”. Children aged four to seven years old took part in the production of the fairy tale, and  educators played the roles of mothers and grandmothers. The Gabbasovs family performed well.  Head of the family, Rainur, played  squeeze box, daughter Aisylu sang. The guests of the holiday were greeted by the village accordion   ensemble.

The next stage of the project was an event in the village of Aidarali. There, the Shezhere holiday was held with  pupils of the kindergarten. The event began with a performance by the Aidarali “Balkysh” women’s folk ensemble. Traditionally, guests could enjoy Tatar national dishes. In the foyer, the exhibition “My Genealogy” was presented, in the preparation of which parents, kindergarten teachers, and creative villagers took part. During the event,  head of the kindergarten, Guzaliya Yusupova, spoke about the activities of the collective how they had  managed to win the grant competition. Undoubtedly, the pupils of the Aydarali kindergarten became the “stars” of the holiday. They went on stage with their parents. Each introduced his ancestry, showed his abilities. The event was attended by the village mullah Halit Kalimullin. The meeting ended with a performance by  young artist Linar Gafiyatullin. Moreover, representatives of all nationalities living in the village of Aidarali spoke at the holiday.

The third stage of the project was organized in the village of Tyater-Aryslanovo. It was called “Grandma’s Box”. The audience learned a lot of interesting information about the richness and diversity of languages. Shamil Valeev, who was just a few years ago a kindergarten pupil, amazed the guests by playing the squeeze box. The program of performances was full of songs and dances. Ilsur Rysaev in the role of Grandfather told the children about the family tree. He explained that you shouldn’t forget your ancestors. Famous villagers, madrasahs, former schools were shown on the screen. The guests of the holiday also heard stories about such famous personalities of the region as Rafkat Rysayev, Nagim Yarmukhametov. There were many interesting things in “Grandmother’s Box” – an embroidered apron, a skullcap, and women’s jewelry …

“We are very glad that we took on this project,” Guzaliya Yusupova commented, noting that such events bring children closer to their native language.

According to her, this is how children get used to communicate in their native language. Guzaliya Yusupova noted that the village clubs and the regional Palace of Culture helped a lot in their work and thanked everyone for their help. Director  of the kindergarten assured that the work on teaching children their native language will continue.



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