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The first Sabantui in Austria was attended by over 400 people

The first Sabantui in Austria was attended by over 400 people

May 29, for the first time on Austrian soil in Vienna celebrated Sabantui, which was attended by more than four hundred people. The organizer of this event was the Tatar society “Miras” of Austria, with the support of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Ministry of Culture, the World Congress of Tatars and informational assistance of the Russian Embassy and the Russian Science and Culture Center in Austria. The opening was attended by the chairman of Sabantui Austrian-Russian Friendship F. Shtermann with his family, as well as representatives of the embassies of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and other distinguished guests.

The festival was held on the green meadow next to a lake in the Donaupark Centre. Although the weather station promised intermittent rain – the weather was lucky, all day was sunny and windless. Sabantui has been

held on a grand scale: the national songs and dances, games, and of course with traditional cuisine: girls in national costumes greeted the honored guests of the festival and were treated by ochpochmak and chak-chak (author of this article personally per night baked about 300 ochpochmak and vac -balesh).

On the stage, decorated with Tatar ornaments presenters funny and frolicsome conducted program in three languages: Tatar, Russian and German. Warmly having welcomed the guests presenters invited to the stage Reeve Rudisser – the community organizer of MIRAS. After greeting the guests R. Rudisser gave the floor to the Chargé d’Affaires Ambassador to Russia Igor Nikitin in Austria. Then the first deputy chairman of the World Congress of Tatars Danis Shakirov, delivered a message from RT President – R.N. Minnikhanov. Lady Riva Rudisser thanked the President of Tatarstan and the World Congress of Tatars, as well as the Ministry of Culture of the Republic for their help in organizing this event, namely for providing in using by the community national costumes and for performing at Sabantui high-level artists.

The concert program was graced with the performance of RT People’s Artist Ferdinand Fatkhi, Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan Alsu Abelkhanova, a laureate

of international contests Dinar Baitemirov, a laureate of international competitions, the winner of TV contest “Morning Star” musician, a virtuoso who plays saxophone and accordion – Musa Malikov. With a storm ovation the audience welcomed a talented Aigyul Galeeva – a student of the Vienna Conservatory, who performed folk Tatar song “Bas kyzym Yapipya” in beatbox style. With great enthusiasm and emotion the audience watched the performance by the young beauties of the Tatar children’s academy “Umka”, who performed Tatar songs and dances under the direction of Gulnara Yakupova. Also, representatives of MIRAS society under the direction of Regina Gareeva performed Tatar dances followed by a flash mob. The concert program participated Mosconcert soloist Elena Lopuchina.

Sabantui is not worth and without frolicsome games: sack races, running with an egg in a spoon, run three legs, running with rockers, breaking pots, throwing potatoes, which were attended with pleasure, not only by our compatriots, but also Austrians.

I would like to thank once again the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and the World Congress of Tatars, as well as all the participants in society MIRAS, who at his own expense have

organized such a wonderful holiday: activists Enzhe Bayramova, Alia Shakirova, Regina Gareeva, Elvira Valiullova, Islam Begmetov, artist Aydar Bekchintaev presenters Marat Galeev and Anna Vasilieva, Timur Sagitov, tried a new role of the DJ, and for comprehensive assistance to families the Ovchinnikovs, the Sulaimans, the Gareyevs, the Zaydullins, the Yakubovs and the Yakupovs. Special thanks to the organizers of the Society, on whose fragile shoulders laid the responsibility for the organization of the event – Riva Dzhamalovna Rudisser.

Albina Farrahova

Member of the Austrian society Tatars “Miras”

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