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The first TikTok house The Duslar House appeared in Tatarstan

The first TikTok house The Duslar House appeared in Tatarstan


The first TikTok house The Duslar House appeared in Tatarstan

July 23,  2020


The first TikTok house The Duslar House  has   appeared in Tatarstan. Residents of the republic have long waited for the appearance of such a project on its territory.


Young people around the world have long used the TikTok app along with the Instagram social network. With over 1.5 billion downloads and a huge amount of content, it is one of the most influential digital assets on the planet.


The notion of TikTok house originated in late 2019 in Los Angeles, when a group of bloggers came together and began to live together to shoot content. House is a place where developing and already gaining popularity Tiktokers gather. They live under the same roof, coming up with new video ideas and creating content together. Subscribers follow not only individual bloggers, but also the inner life of the project, which makes house look like an online reality show. The corresponding projects became very popular among Russian users, and many tiktokers from the regions even left for Moscow and St. Petersburg to participate in them.


For a long time, residents of Tatarstan have been waiting for the appearance of the local house. The total audience of bloggers of The Duslar House project now reaches 6 million subscribers and is growing every day. For many of the participants in the initiative, the audience is not limited to Tatarstan, which makes it possible to speak of it as a federal-scale project.


In the first three days of its existence, The Duslar House managed to gain over 20 thousand subscribers on TikTok and reach a total number of views over 2 million. Some videos gain up to half a million views. It should be noted that this content is often about the Tatar language.


The organizers of the project themselves explain its appearance as follows: “We have gathered <…> so that young bloggers from Tatarstan can see that here, in the republic, all conditions have been created for development and it is not necessary to work for a federal audience.”


“There is a stereotype that content in the Tatar language is gaining little activity. This is actually not true. We will tell you more: now there is a great shortage of local content. At The Duslar House, we try to maintain this balance of Tatar-speaking and Russian-language content, shoot videos that are relevant to the local public and not forget about global trends and challenges, ”the united bloggers emphasize.



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