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The III World Forum of Tatar women through the eyes of the deputy head of the Samara branch of the “Ak kalfak” Aisylu Kurmaeva-Abdeeva

The III World Forum of Tatar women through the eyes of the deputy head of the Samara branch of the “Ak kalfak” Aisylu Kurmaeva-Abdeeva

The III World Forum of Tatar women, held in Kazan May 15-16-17, 2015, brought together representatives of the fair sex of Tatar organizations from around the world. The forum was attended by delegates from China, Finland, Turkey, Canada, Ukraine and other countries, there were also representatives of organizations from Kazakhstan, Buryatia, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Karelia, Udmurtia and other republics. Our delegation included the Samara region women organization “Ak kalfak” of Samara city, village Alkino, Staroye Feyzullovo.

The forum has been organized at a very high level, all the delegates from the near and far abroad countries, Russia regions enjoyed a wonderful opportunity to meet, socialize and share their experience of public organizations.

Among the speakers of the forum were the distinguished guests, such as representatives of government, creative and scientific intelligentsia of Tatarstan, regions of Russia and other countries. The emotional speech by the beloved poet Robert Minnullin, Fawzia Bayramova, Firaniya Ali from Finland, head of restaurateur network “Tyamle bulsyn” Rezida Khusainova, Galimov abystay Kharisova from Yelabuga have been warmly received by the listeners. Many speakers accompanied their reports by video and photo materials, which significantly helped during the forum. Listening to the speakers, we set for ourselves that we also have something to “make boast of” and share out, have a lot of good things done, and we have deservedly much to be proud of.

On the work of the Samara society “Ak kalfak” a lot of good has been said in speeches by the speakers from other regions and regions. For example, colleagues from the Ulyanovsk region and Tatarstan emphasized the fact of collaboration with our organization, and delegates from other regions in the simple dialogue noticed that Samara on highlighting its work is among the leaders, thanks to the work of our sites and groups in social networks.

In a foyer of the Kamal theater, already traditional exhibition of products by national crafts, attracted the attention of everyone.

Kalfak, ichig, valenki, patterned national footwear of home and scenic destinations, handmade jewelry and lots of souvenir products by local entrepreneurs were appreciated by the guests of the forum.

I have marked with great pleasure that my embroidered national costume made by our Samara handywoman Gulnara Nasyirova, attracted the attention of many with its unique embroidery, workmanship, and on the second day all from afar welcomed me- “Oh, Samara.”

Forum delegation visited the famous Arsk pedagogical college, a motherland of G.Tukai, a museum complex Kyrlai, exhibitions, concerts and performances organized for the guests of the forum. The mood of all the participants was festive, all together were singing their favorite songs in buses, during bus halts played national games, danced, talked, took pictures for memory, we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses.

Parting words to participants of the III World Forum of Tatar women by Chairman of the Executive Committee of World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zinnurovich Zakirov , inspired strength and desire to continue to work for the benefit of the Tatar community, and to raise the role of women in addressing the pressing problems and challenges of modern society.

Thank you very much on behalf of the delegates from Samara and the Samara region to the organizers of the forum R.Z. Zakirov, K.R. Idrisova, Gulnaz Shaikhi, all the volunteers and employees of all departments for the smooth organization and attention to the participants of the forum.

Special thanks to Fakhrutdinov Badretdinovich Kanyukaev for organizing the trip of Samara delegation to the III World Forum of Tatar women.

On behalf of the Samara delegates of the III World Forum of Tatar women in Kazan Aisulu Kurmaeva –Abdeeva .


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