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The  IX Forum of Muslim Youth Has Started  in Kazan

The  IX Forum of Muslim Youth Has Started  in Kazan

The  IX Forum of Muslim Youth Has Started  in Kazan

January 24, 2020


The IX Forum of Muslim Youth  has  started in Kazan, which brought together about 70 girls and boys from different parts of Russia. The forum participants from Moscow, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Mari El and from almost all regions of Tatarstan gathered for an exciting six-day rally. All of them are from 18 to 30 years old.


Immediately upon the arrival of the rally participants, their curators welcomed them. Further, the forum began its work in accordance with the rich program that the Religious Board of  RT Muslims  (DUM RT)  had  prepared for them. The Fifth Pillar of Faith is the theme of FMM 2020. All the details and subtleties of this topic will be revealed by experienced and knowledgeable ustazes – RIU teacher, author of books and articles on akyd, Hanafi fiqh Ahmad al-Hanafi, head of the Shariah department of the DUM RT, Kuran-hafiz Bulat Hazrat Mubarakov, imam-khatib of the Salyakh mosque »Timergali Hazrat Yuldashev et al.


Participants of the forum expect interesting  lectures, rope quests, as well as team building, which will help forum users become a single team. In addition, the highlight of the forum will be the daily reading of Sacred Kuryan: every day for 20 minutes the forum users will strengthen their knowledge of tafsir, and then read Kuryan for 40 minutes. Thus, each participant will be able to develop a “useful habit” of daily reading Kuryan.


In addition to studying for youth, they prepared 3 leisure areas: a cinema hall, a skiing walking area, as well as those who wish, will be able to conduct communication with ustazes in a question-answer format. Traditionally, young people will take part in exciting competitions for social networks.


It is important that the forum allows young people not only to become enlightened, but also to unite, get to know each other, spiritually enrich themselves and realize their own social startups. A number of projects initiated by the participants of the youth forum are successfully being implemented by the Muftiyat of the Republic of Tatarstan and muhtasibats in the regions. So, the most popular of them are: “One-day school” for teaching namaz and the basics of Islam, a discussion club to discuss the most acute problems that concern the ummah, a charity event “Give paper  life” for collecting waste paper in favor of seriously ill children, and others. Therefore, the Forum can be safely called the generator of social projects  by  DUM RT.



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