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The lesson of  Muslimovsky  teacher is the best in Russia

The lesson of  Muslimovsky  teacher is the best in Russia

The development of the lesson of the teacher of the Muslumosky  Gymnasium is recognized as one of the best. In Moscow, the finalists of the International Pedagogical Competition “Lessons of Victory” were identified. Among them, a teacher from Tatarstan.

33 teachers passed to the final of the competition, all of them work in Russian schools. Teachers present 11 nominations: “The best lesson of the native language”, “The best lesson of the teachers of the world”, “The best lesson of the fine arts”, “The best lesson of the history”, “The best lesson of the music”, “The best lesson of the foreign language”, “The best class hour” , “The best lesson of literature”, “The best meta-subject lesson”, “The best lesson of the Russian language”, “The best social school project”. In the nomination “Best history lesson”, Ildar Yuldashev, who teaches at the Muslumovsky  gymnasium of Tatarstan, was recognized as one of the three strongest participants.

Ildar Yuldashev has 26 years of teaching experience. A teacher of history and social science several times became the  holder  of the grant “Our best teacher.”

Ildar Nailevich, among other finalists, will take part in the final tests and compete for victory in a large-scale competition. Final tests are scheduled for March. 33 participants will present their lessons on the basis of Moscow schools, seminars and round tables.

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