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The most talented participant of the Tatars Kyzy contest spoke to the Tatars of Belgium

The most talented participant of the Tatars Kyzy contest spoke to the Tatars of Belgium


December 01, 2019

The national competition “Tatar Kyzy”, which  piecemeal has been held in 2019 in different countries and numerous regions of Russia, aroused great interest among the Tatar community of Belgium. From the very first qualifying stage, step by step, compatriots followed the development of events until the finals in the city of Izhevsk, rejoiced in the wide geography of the participants, successes in applied crafts and culinary affairs, admired  artistic skills and personal qualities of the daughters of the Tatar people. The organizer of a large-scale event, which today has highly raised the aesthetic level of the competition, filled it with intellectual content, enriched it with national traditions, performs  the World Tatars Congress.

The Tatars of Belgium are far from indifferent to the conduct of this contest, for they stood at the origins of its origin. It was the co-chair of the Tatars in Belgium public organization Regina Valeeva who proposed to bring the all-Russian scale of the competition to the European space, to enable the Tatar communities of various European countries to participate in it. The initiative was announced at a meeting of the Tatars of Europe with the President of Tatarstan R. Minnekhanov at the Czech city of Brno in 2016, and now, after a while, the third contest of beautiful girls was held. However, for the Tatars, one external beauty in youth is not enough. The main emphasis is on the high spirituality and nobility of the girl, her ideas about family priorities and the role of the natural teacher of her children. The Congress of the Tatars, in turn, is important in the mission of popularizing the Tatar language, preserving customs and traditions through increasing youth interest in culture and heritage.

“The Most Talented”, according to the results of the final stage, as you know, became Aisylu Mirkhafizkhan, undergraduate of the department of stage movement and plastic expressiveness of the actor of the B. Schukin Theater Institute. In May, she won the highest title of “Tatars Kyzy” in Moscow, and in September, at the final stage of the international beauty and talent contest, she conquered everyone with her natural grace, dancing skills, and deep knowledge of the history of her people.

The compatriots of Belgium invited the winner of the “Most Talented” nomination in November for a creative evening in order to get to know her personally better, to learn more about the atmosphere of the contest. In Brussels, from the stage of the concert hall, Aisylu Mirkhafizkhan spoke about Tatar culture and traditions, danced fragments from classical ballet and ethnic dance. Interest in the art of Tatarstan was shown not only by compatriots, but also by the indigenous population of the country, so the evening passed  with a translation into French, the guest herself sometimes switched from Tatar to English. Gorgeous stage images, a minute reincarnation, a wide palette of convincing emotions, the ability to appeal to the audience for empathy – the stage skill of Aisylu captivated all viewers.

The Tatars of Belgium and the children of compatriots also received a series of master classes from a professional choreographer, who is Aisylu Mirhafizkhan.

Lilia Valeeva


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