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The regular meeting of the Board of the Moscow region RTNCA

The regular meeting of the Board of the Moscow region RTNCA

At the library of the Tatar cultural center in Moscow a regular meeting of RTNCA (Regional Tatar National Cultural Association, the Moscow oblast) took place. The outcomes for last month were considered, and a plan of work for 2017 approved.

Speaking of business, F. Mukhtasarov noted that on November 26 in Dubna, a holiday of Tatar culture was held , dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Tatar-Bashkir cultural society, which found a wide response in the city. At the celebration, guests have performed: the ensemble “Yalkyn” ( chief,F. Sharifgalieva), Rustam Parizhsky (Elektrostal), R. Bulatov (Dmitrov), Dinard Fayskhanov (Moscow). Thanks to them the concert was very meaningful and beautiful. On December 4, in the Kolomna district a national festival was held where very brightly spoke the local of TNCA (Chairman, N. Dzhabarova). December 7-8, in Kazan, an

expanded meeting of the Executive Committee and the WCT and forum “Business partners of Tatarstan”, which was attended by F. Mukhtasarov, R. Bulatov (farmer) and M. Mukhtasarov (entrepreneur) took place. Training of teachers of the Tatar language for the Sunday school has completed. Classes were conducted by L. Latfullin.

Completing works are under way on the book “Tatars suburbs.” Another big -repair work of the RTNCA MO in TCC has started . Thus, a different work keeps going. By the end of the year, the tasks within the native language program (a grant from GUSK MO) will have completed.

Chairman of the Education Commission L. Latfullina handed certificates to listeners of the course on Tatar language (7 persons).

Plan-2017, after a detailed discussion was approved in view of the comments made. Stas Bakaev – author of Dzhalilevskiye readings showed presentation. In the new year we plan to continue this project in the Moscow region.

The Letter of Gratitude were awarded R. Salimshin , who was the presnter of programs in Dubna, medals to commemorate 110 Anniversary of M. Jalil and letters to C. Zalilova – R. Bulatov ( chief, MTNCA, Dmitrov district.)and F. Yunusov (MTNCA, S. Posadsky district).

At the end of the Council meeting verses by A. Shamsutdinova were heard and songs sang. After a delicious tea participants of the meeting went to the Assembly Hall for a concert by “Yalkyn” ensemble, where received more additional positive emotions.

It should be noted that from the Kolomna delegation counting 15 people have come. And before the concert tour of the Tatar places of this region was organized. The role of the guide fulfilled chief of the Society of the local historians G. Bautdinov RTNCA MO.


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