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The second season of the Yash Kilen women’s project starts in Kazan

The second season of the Yash Kilen women’s project starts in Kazan

March 13,  2020

On the 17th day of the month of Rajab (March 12), the second season of the Yash Kilen (Young Daughters- in – Law) women’s project has  started in Kazan. In the evening, the first meeting-acquaintance with the project participants took place at the Galeyevsky mosque. The first meeting brought together about 40 representatives of the beautiful half of the Ummah. The first conversation with them was conducted by  head of the social department of the DUM RT  Aigul Khanum Biktimirova and project curators.

It is noteworthy that the new season of the project pleased the girls with a new format. Now you can take part in the Yash Kilen project online if you are in another city. Thus, in addition to online participants living in Kazan, girls from Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Nizhnevartovsk, Baltasey, Alekseevsk, Chelny, Tyulyachev, Chistopol, Aznakaevo will take part in the new season – more than 60 people in total.


Within two months, girls will hold 7 online meetings on the topics of marriage, motherhood, psychology, housekeeping, and 6 online lessons on the topics of prenuptial agreement, physiology, divorce, etc. After welcoming speeches and acquaintance, the participants received a diary “Eat Kylen” ”, In which the girls will do their homework and think over the tracker of habits – constant useful things.


The next meeting of the “Yash  Kylen” project will be held on March 19, at which the participants will be told how to choose the right spouse.


The “Yash Kilen”  project is being implemented to strengthen family values ​​among Muslim youth and is dedicated to various issues on the topic of marriage from the point of view of Sharia and the traditions of the Tatar people. Participants in a format of meetings and video tutorials will be told about the original national traditions – baby bolshe, bishki Kyry, kyz ozatu, etc., about the religious and legal aspects of marriage, the rights and obligations of husband and wife, makhra and marriage contract, female and male psychology, etc. d. In addition, Muslim women will have the opportunity to learn how to cook national dishes, take care of children, meet guests. Psychologists, lawyers, doctors, scientists will be involved as speakers … Courses take place every week at the Galeevsky mosque at 18:30. The final lesson will be held April 30 in Iftar format. It is noteworthy that the age for participation in the project is not limited.






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