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The son of the first Tatar leader of the TASSR visited the Representation  office  of Tatarstan

The son of the first Tatar leader of the TASSR visited the Representation  office  of Tatarstan

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan – Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation Ravil Akhmetshin met with Valery Zinniatovich Muratov, the son of  First secretary of the Tatar Regional Committee of the CPSU.

Zinnat Ibetovich Muratov (1905-1988) was the leader of the TASSR longer than all his predecessors – 13 years, from December 1944 to June 1957. And he was the first ethnic Tatar who was entrusted with this position in 24 years   old.

The oil industry and  aircraft industry developed in the region under him. A conservatory and a branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR with research institutes were created.

His son Valery Zinniatovich was born in 1945 in Kazan. For many years he served in the state security organs. Valery Muratov handed over to the Rep-0ffice  of Tatarstan a floor vase with Gzhel painting that belonged to his father. The upper part of the vase is decorated with the inscription “TASSR” and the image of the Kazan Kremlin.

Ravil Akhmetshin stressed that in the year of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Tatarstan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, the relic of the Muratov family will be transferred to the Republic of Tatarstan.

The porcelain vase also bears the name of the artist who painted it – “B. Shubin”. Apparently, the author is a famous artist-ceramist in the republic Boris Andreevich Shubin (1937-2005), Honored Art Worker of the Tatar ASSR (1982). It was he who created the mass production of artistic ceramics in Tatarstan.

Valery Zinniatovich said that his father made a great contribution to the restoration of the good name of Musa Jalil, whom he knew personally before the war. And with the family of the hero-poet, especially with his wife Amina, the Muratovs in Moscow maintained good relations for many years.

After the war, Jalil’s friend Gazi Kashshaf collected a whole folder of testimonies proving Musa’s innocence, and turned to the first secretary of the Tatar Regional Committee Zinnat Muratov with a request to personally deal with the case of Jalil and his comrades. After reviewing the documents, Z.I. Muratov supported Kashshaf’s petition and submitted the documents to the Ministry of State Security of Tatarstan, then constantly demanded to speed up this work.

Nazib Zhiganov recalled that when preparing for the publication in 1948 of the book “The Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic during the Great Patriotic War”, some members of the Politburo were against the inclusion of Musa Jalil’s name in the list of those who contributed to the victory over fascism.

However, Muratov insisted on preserving his surname, noted that there was no reason to believe various rumors, the poet died as a hero.

After Tatarstan, Zinnat Muratov worked in the Central Committee in Moscow, was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 2-4 convocations.

He passed away in 1988. He was buried with his wife Gelzifa Abdul-Khakimovna at the Troekurovsky cemetery. In June of this year, Ravil Akhmetshin laid flowers at their grave.

One of the sons of the Muratovs became an Honored Artist of the RSFSR, a famous film actor. The role of Vasily Alibabaevich in the film “Gentlemen of Fortune” brought him special love of the audience and popularity. Although behind Radner Zinniatovich, according to his brother, there are several dozen movie roles.

Ravil Kalimullovich presented Valery Muratov with a commemorative medal for the 100th anniversary of the formation of the TASSR.






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