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The teacher of Russian became “Miss Sabantuy 2018”

The teacher of Russian became “Miss Sabantuy 2018”

At the weekend, residents Chanovskogo district of the Novosibirsk region in a picturesque glade near the regional center gathered the international holiday “Sabantuy 2018”. The bright page of this event, according to tradition, was the contest “Miss Sabantuy-2018”.
Three participants competed for the title: a teacher of the Russian language and literature of the village of Chany Dina Aminova, a cultural worker Tatyana Boldyreva from the village of Tagan and a student from the village of Peschanoe Lake Valery Danilov.

Each of the girls presented the Tatar, Ukrainian and Belarusian national cultures. They not only conquered the audience with beauty, youth, artistry, but also showed themselves as hostesses, presenting their national dishes: bulbashi, berry cake and chak-chak. Dina Aminova admitted that she had been cooking her dish all night. She became the owner of the title “Miss Sabantuy-2018”, withstood all the trials with dignity.

And the chuck-chak, in fact, was very tasty. The girl treated them to a correspondent VN.ru. The dish was made in the form of the sun, which reflects not only the inner world of the heroine, but also the main idea of ​​the holiday, connected with the folk tradition of hope for a rich harvest, fertility, and the forces of nature.

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