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The   Tukai  museum  presents new exhibits –  personal belongings of the poet

The   Tukai  museum  presents new exhibits –  personal belongings of the poet

May 19, 2019

On May 18, a renewed exposition and a new tour were presented at the Gabdulla Tukai Literary Museum. The event is timed to the Day of Gabdulla Tukai Street. The first with the updated exposition have acquainted students of Kazan universities. An excursion for them was conducted by Leysan Medvedeva, a senior researcher at the Gabdulla Tukai Literary Museum.

“This tour has two features. First, we present two new personal items of Tukai – his towel and ink bottle. These exhibits are exhibited for the first time. Secondly, the tour is accompanied by the poet’s verses and songs on his poems, ”said Leysan Medvedeva, noting that the inkwell  of Tukay   was donated by pupils  of the Tatar school in St. Petersburg during the poet’s trip to this city in 1912.

“The towel passed to us from the mother of the composer Mansur Muzaffarov – Magruy Muzaffarova. She was familiar with the poet during his work in the newspaper “Al-Islyah”. The towel Tukai  she transferred to the Institute of Language, Literature and Art named after G. Ibrahimov. With the advent of the Tukay Museum, she it passed to us, ”explained Leysan Medvedeva.

According to the director of the museum, Guzel Tukhvatova, the inkwell was kept at the National Museum and exhibited in different years. The  towel before this was left without proper attention. “Today, all things officially confirmed as Tukai’s personal belongings are kept in his museum,” the director noted.

The literary part of the tour was conducted by students of the Kazan Institute of Culture and Art. The program included songs “Beyrem Bougain”, “Tugan tel”, “Teftilu”.

After the excursion, the holiday continued in Yunusovsky Park behind the museum building. Here were the artists of the Tatar State Philharmonic named after  G. Tukay and artists TSAT after  G. Kamal. Also,  on the summer stage of the museum, women’s fantasy jazz orchestra “Fantasia”  was  presented by the Honored Artist of Tatarstan Yuri Kogan.

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