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The Ulyanovsk region summed up the results of the contest “My Loving  Granny”

The Ulyanovsk region summed up the results of the contest “My Loving Granny”

Governor Sergey Morozov took part in the ceremony of awarding winners and prize winners of the regional contest of Tatar women.

The event, timed to the celebration of Mother’s Day, was held on November 19 at the Center for Tatar Culture.

“I want to express my gratitude to the organizers for the fact that you are holding such a wonderful competition. The event attracted attention of residents not only of the Ulyanovsk region, but also of many other subjects of the Russian Federation. This contest  is a gift to you, dear women, because all next week we will prepare for a wonderful holiday – Mother’s Day. The Tatar people are famous for their traditions. It is distinguished by activity, perseverance, the desire to always achieve  fixed  goals, spiritual generosity, nobility and decency. Lovely women, you adequately cope with any problems and problems, always remain an example in your traditions, culture and language, “Sergei Morozov addressed the contest participants.

This year the contest was attended by active representatives of the older generation from Tsilninsky, Novomalyklinsky, Melekessky, Ulyanovsk, Cherdaklinsky districts, Dimitrovgrad and Ulyanovsk, who speak  the Tatar language and know the traditions of the Tatar people.

“The contest” My loving  grandmother “was held on the territory of our region for the second time. This event, which offers a plunge into the world of a large and strong family, where from generation to generation care and love, moral principles and traditions are passed. All of our contestants are young, active women, because grandmother is not an age, this is a vocation. Looking at them, we understand that there is no old age, there is active longevity, “said Nuria Turkova, the head of the Center for the Revival and Development of National Cultures.

The participants of the final round demonstrated their knowledge of the history and traditions of the Tatar people, creative and culinary skills.

“I decided to participate in this competition, because I have five grandchildren, and I want to be an example for them. Tatar grandmothers are engaged in economy and handicrafts, bake pies, I would like them to find themselves in this life and not be lost in the face of difficulties, “commented Raisya Shakurova (Novomalyklinsky region), the winner in the main nomination” The Most Loving  Granny. ”

Alfia Khanafiyeva became the best in the nomination “The sweetest”, Laila Valiullina, “The most ingenious” – Gulfirya Khisamova, “The most clever” – Alfia Khamidullina, “The wisest” – Gulshat Sharafutdinova, “The most merciful” – Rimma Afandeeva , “The most tender” – Talia Zalyaletdinova, “The most hospitable” – Gulfia Singatullova, “The most creative” – ​​Rimma Fatkullova. All participants were awarded memorable gifts.

Also, within the framework of the event, an exhibition of works submitted for the drawing contest “My Loving  Granny” among pupils of pre-school institutions, a contest-exhibition of family photo albums “Our Family Archive” and a master class for cooking dishes of the Tatar cuisine “My Grandmother’s Favorite Food”.

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