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The V All-Russian gathering of entrepreneurs: section meeting on livestock

The V All-Russian gathering of entrepreneurs: section meeting on livestock

Today in Kazan the events have begun of the V All-Russian gathering of businessmen from Tatar villages of regions of Russia and Tatarstan.

Within the forum a sectional meeting on livestock at the Palace of farmers took place.

The event was opened and regulations were announced by the Department Head of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars, executive director of the World Association for the Tatar entrepreneurs Farid Urazaev.

He informed the audience on the program of All-Russian gathering of entrepreneurs. It includes visiting farms of rural entrepreneurs of the Tyulyachinsky district on March 17, a plenary session in “Korston” on March 18 and other events. “The Korston will also feature an exhibition-fair of producers of halal products and handicrafts items from the Russian Federation. Here will appear also entrepreneurs not only from Tatarstan, but also from Bashkortostan, Tyumen and other regions. I am sure all of us take a closer look. Welcome! “, – Farid Urazaev said.

The guests were welcomed by Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan on livestock Nazip Hazipov. He introduced the participants with the heads and specialists of the industry of animal husbandry enterprises subordinated to the RT Ministry of Agriculture.

“Regarding the issues, you may turn to them”, – Deputy Minister advised.

After that, a film was shown illustrating the status and achievements of the RT agro-industrial complex.

Nazip Hazipov told about the results of the livestock industry for 2015.

“In all categories of farms 488,000 tons of meat and poultry in 2015, 1.75 million tons of milk, 1 billion 171 million pieces of eggs were produced”, – said the deputy minister.

Among the Russian regions Tatarstan has won first place in the production of marketable milk, 4th place – for the production of meat and poultry.

In addition, Nazip Hazipov spoke about number of cattle and poultry in the republic, security of the population of livestock production, program for growing high-yield crops “3 on 100” farming support programs, overhaul of cowsheds and the construction of silage, haylage trenches, subsidies, etc. .

“Among the challenges faced in 2016 – 5% growth in livestock production volume, increased productivity of dairy cows with 250 kg,” – Nazip Hazipov said.

During the meeting also reports were made by business leaders, heads of individual farms. They informed on their activities and achievements.

Such sensational sessions were held in Kazan on agriculture and handicrafts (bee-keeping, fish farming).

At a meeting on agriculture in NCC “Kazan”, RT Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food on agriculture Ildous Gabdrakhmanov spoke.

According to him, the profitability of crop production on the basis of 2015 amounted to 18.9%. The dynamics of crop production is positive – in 2013, 5.1 million tonnes grain units were harvested, in 2014-m. – 5.9 million tons, in 2015 -. 6.6 million tonnes..

“The population of the republic has been provided by the main types of agricultural products, – Ildous Gabdrakhmanov said. – At the end of 2015 availability of potatoes amounted to 261%, the grain production in terms of flour – 124%, vegetables – 83%. ”

RT Deputy Minister also spoke about the dynamics of crop production, the ranking of districts on agriculture, development of melioration sector in the republic, the organization of industrial seed production of cereals, legumes and cereal crops in Tatarstan, further training of agronomists.


RT Ministry of Agriculture and Food

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