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The work of the ensemble “Kazan” in harmony with the ideology of the brand “Heritage of Tatarstan”

The work of the ensemble “Kazan” in harmony with the ideology of the brand “Heritage of Tatarstan”

Sensation of not a local scale

Typically, the performance of the municipal ensemble of dances with a new concert program deserves a brief mention in the news column or city newspaper, a story in local TV channel. It is believed that such an event is not much greater than the performance of amateur circle.

But in our case it is the cultural event of the federal and international level. It is no exaggeration to say that the program “Kazan Treasure” premiered by the ensemble “Kazan” – an uncommon event in the life of Tatarstan and Russia. For 70 minutes, it reveals the history of the Volga region and the second by number in Russia Tatars as well as a cultural code of Tatarstan is deciphered – the republic, leading in today’s Russia for a number of positions. That is, without a single word, film and television PR-tricks and special effects a thousand-year history of the peoples of the multinational country is exposed.

The theme is extremely relevant. For young man, and visiting tourists, serious businessmen need to know where from and how lived the people of the country, and live in a particular region. In this case – the residents of Kazan, Tatarstan and the Volga region.

In Dancing – Chronicle of past centuries

So, the events of the past centuries and historical actions are recreated such as they are represented by talented and educated creators, especially musicians, choreographers and directors. They reveal the paint, the sounds and the whole aesthetics of people’s life, because the photos and videos of past centuries were not preserved.

Choreographic story and video scenes in seconds create a picture of the state of birth in the Middle Volga, a chronicle of the conquest of Bolgar and Bilyar by troops of Batu, and two centuries later – Tamerlan0e. Dance Theatre as defined by authors a spectacle, performed by the ensemble “Kazan” shows the types and culture of ancient cities, the formation and destruction of the Bulgarian civilization and subsequent events up to the present day, the Universiade objects and Kazan current appearance, the modern culture of Tatarstan. This is how the artists have to dance! .. Movement of 40 dancers in colorful national costumes akin to the traditional elements of folk dance and national games, but they are in a modern way are loose and athletic! Despite the frantic pace, passion and acrobatic movements are almost imperceptible deviations from the ethnographic museum and refinement of traditional dance.

What Dances Ensemble “KAZAN” ?

As the stage project states, a new choreographic performance “Kazan treasure” reveals the history of the Tatar people from the time of the great migration to the formation of the modern Kazan. Here the great paintings of the past come to life in dance stories of the major eras of the state, its heroes, immutable traditions.


Why and for what reason I’m excited about the new program of municipal ensemble of international scale? Not only that at the time I was a correspondent of the newspaper of the Central Committee of the CPSU “Soviet Culture” in the Volga region and kept no indifference to art. It seemed to me that the work of the ensemble “Kazan” in harmony with the ideology of the brand “Heritage of Tatarstan”, solemnly adopted in late 2014. You can argue about the graphics solution, colors, but the idea of the project “Heritage of Tatarstan” bold, true and beautiful. Five-minute presentation of clip project I would show pupils and students on a weekly basis! To know the roots.

Rimzil Valeev

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