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Theater Tinchurin  on tour in Germany

Theater Tinchurin on tour in Germany

On November 17, the troupe of the Tatar State Drama and Comedy Theater named after Karim Tinchurin went on a tour to Germany with the play “The Picky Bridegroom”. A creative trip is organized within the 130th anniversary of the birth of one of the founders of the Tatar theater – the great playwright, actor and director Karim Tinchurin.

Tomorrow, on November 18, at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Bonn the collective will present one of the most cheerful  performances on the play of the playwright – the musical comedy “The Picky Bridegroom”. In addition, the next day in Leipzig, a creative meeting with the Tatars living in Germany is planned. For this meeting the artists prepared a special concert program. This project is implemented at the invitation of the Tatar Diaspora in Germany with the support of the Government of Tatarstan and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. November 20, the troupe returns to Kazan.

It is worth noting that the creativity of the Tinchurin Theater is of great interest not only among viewers living in Tatarstan, but also among compatriots living outside the republic. So, the performances “The extinct stars”, “Hodja Nasretdin”, “Gulshayan” in different years have been shown in the cities of Turkey. In 2012, the Tinturins presented the play “Love Life!” Based on the works of Gabdulla Tukay in the Belgian cities of Brussels and Bruges. The setting was able to see not only the Tatars of Belgium, but also the compatriots living in neighboring France and Germany. In 2016 the collective presented two poetic performances – “Love life!” And “We are children of the forty-first year” in Helsinki.

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