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To revive the Tatar traditions in Omsk it is necessary to 20 million rubles

To revive the Tatar traditions in Omsk it is necessary to 20 million rubles

To revive the Tatar traditions in Omsk it is necessary to 20 million rubles

September  26, 2018

In the Omsk region they want to revive the Tatar traditions and create an ethno village in the Tarsky region. The cost of the project is 20 million rubles. The first step will be the resumption of the forgotten harvest festival – Syumbel. The Omsk Regional Business Incubator hosted a press conference of participants of the large project “Sustainable Development of Rural Territory”. The head and  ideological inspirer of the Center for Family Tatar Culture “Native Places” Sumbel Hasanova said that on September 28 in the village of Seitovo in the Tara District there will be a national holiday of harvest – Syumbelya.

– There is a Sabantuy festival, which takes place after the sowing season, but  the harvesting festival was unfairly forgotten. In the Omsk region it was not celebrated for more than a hundred years. It’s time to revive traditions and we will be the first ones, “said Sumbel Hasanova.

However, the harvest festival is only the first step towards the revival of Tatar traditions in the region. The center “Native open spaces” intends to develop cultural, tourist and agricultural directions in the village. According to Hasanova, Seitovo is a holy land. Previously, the village was called Haji aul, that is, the village of priests. This means that at least the elder of the village walked on foot to Mecca. Note that the administration of the Tarsky district has allocated a building of the former school for the implementation of the project. This is more than 500 sq. m. The building of the school itself, 300 sq. m.  sports facility and 65 acres of adjacent territory. There is a library  in the building. It is planned to open a museum of Tatar fairy tales “Seitovskaya Skazka” on its base.

And for the development of tourism in the area, and to enable local residents to earn using their skills, they will open two workshops: the Seitovsky Chest for the production of souvenirs, various products and the Seitovskaya Skvornitsa for sewing national clothes and paraphernalia. In addition, the center will develop a bathhouse direction.

According to Hasanova, the greatest wealth is the residents themselves. She is sure that this generation, which is leaving, must convey the Tatar culture, traditions, customs. Urban residents almost do not know these traditions.

“We are interested in this project, because we want the outflow of the population to stop, and so that such wonderful places do not disappear from the map of the region. To implement all plans, 20 million rubles are needed. Now we are supported by Trust No. 9. In addition, we have prepared a package of documents for the federal grant. Next year we will start participating in other competitions. The administration of the Tarsky district in the shortest possible time helps us to solve problems, – explained “Omsk here” Sumbel Hasanova.

In addition, according to the interlocutor, in Seitovo there is a sacred stone. According to some information, it can heal, by others saying that the Virgin Maria herself touched it. This stone  would try  several times to be stolen, and now the villagers safely hid it. It is believed that it was from here that the spread of Islam along the Omsk region began.

According to official data, the village of Seitovo has been counting its record since 1576. However, objects of kitchen utensils of an earlier period were found on the territory. Some  objects  experts put the age of three thousand years.


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