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Tourist route “Palaces and mosques” will connect St. Petersburg and Kazan

Tourist route “Palaces and mosques” will connect St. Petersburg and Kazan




The route “Palaces and Mosques” is a joint tourist product of St. Petersburg and the Republic of Tatarstan. The initiators of the project are the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg and the State Committee for Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan. The project involves tour operators and accommodation facilities for  the  both sides. The main emphasis in this direction is planned for foreign tourists. 2018 for the project will be a trial. In full force, the tour should be made in 2019.


The purpose of the route is to show Russian and foreign tourists the best of the best sights of St. Petersburg and the Republic of Tatarstan for one trip, giving an opportunity to assess the diversity of the cultural heritage of Russia. In Northern Venice, guests will get acquainted with the masterpieces of architecture – palaces in the style of baroque and classicism with ceremonial interiors. In the Republic of Tatarstan guests will have to penetrate the spiritual heritage of the region, as well as plunge into the local way of life with authentic cuisine, music, fashion, art, architecture. Thus, the uniqueness of the route consists in a combination of objects of different cultures: western and eastern.


The program of the route is designed for a week: stay in St. Petersburg is 4 days, in Kazan – 3 days. Acquaintance with the  both cities begins with a sightseeing bus tour, during which you can make a holistic impression of the destination. Further, it is planned to visit cultural sites in the cities themselves and beyond. Flight between cities is carried out daily by regular flights of the airline “Nordavia”. First of all the tour is addressed to those who come to these cities for the first time and intend to get acquainted with world-famous sights.


Tourist product “Palaces and Mosques” is accompanied by a booklet, which presents the tour program, a description of the main objects of the show and accommodation facilities, as well as a list of tour operators implementing the tour. The route is promoted during international tourism exhibitions, on the official city tourist portal Visit-Petersburg.ru and in the foreign offices of Visit Petersburg.






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