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“Tugan Yak”: Tyumen

“Tugan Yak”: Tyumen

“The number of Tatars in the Tyumen region for the year 2010 – 239 995 people. The indigenous population, Siberian Tatars, many “Kazan” Tatar immigrants, arrived in the Soviet era to develop oil fields. There are scientific papers proving the fact that the Siberian-Tatar language – it is a separate form of the language, not a dialect of the Tatar conventional (literary) language. But I’m inclined to think it’s still a linguistic characteristics of our local indigenous population. The cuisine is dominated by a lot of fish dishes. And traditional firewood, bavyrsak, balesh”.

HISTORICAL TATAR SITES: Our city was founded on the site of the former capital city of Tyumen khanate Chingi Tura (Chimgen Tura). Unfortunately, the settlement did not survive. Near the town, in a village of Embaevo, there is a mosque built by Tatar merchant.

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