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Turkic Culture Evening in Prague

Turkic Culture Evening in Prague

The Great Hall of the RCNC in Prague hosted an evening of culture of the Turkic peoples. The event was prepared by Tatar Association in Prague (Kitap), with the support of Rossotrudnichestvo in the Czech Republic.

A big concert has been presented to the audience by young representatives of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Tatars, who showed the diversity of cultures and identities of their peoples on stage.

Each nation presented a short video about the story of its history, nature, customs and traditions. The concert program sounded folk songs and dances accompanied by traditional folk instruments and modern music.

During the concert performers actively were helping each other – Turkish musicians accompanied Kazakh dancer, Kazakh singer and lady singer sang a duet with Tatar singer, Kyrgyz lady singer was also accompanied by a multicultural group of Turkish drummer, Kazakh dombra, Russian violinist and Tatar pianist. The representatives of Azerbaijan showed Highland incendiary dance, performed by a Georgian.

A pleasant surprise for the guests of the concert was the performance by the representative of the Tatar Diaspora, a soloist of the Prague State Opera, a professor at Prague Conservatory international Tahira Menazhdinova, who sang Tatar folk songs. Another pleasant surprise for the audience was the Kyrgyz team Zhagalmay with soloing dancer Gulsara and Gian playing the Kyrgyz national instrument komuz. Also, the attention was attracted by young Kyrgyz artist, having will performed songs of his own rap in native language.

A kaleidoscope of colorful costumes, modern fast-paced and measured folk dances, traditional and contemporary tunes – all has so fascinated viewers that they simply did not notice the flying 2 and a half hour concert. Performances often interrupted with thunderous applause, whistles and shouts of approval: “Bravo!”.

The evening ended with a friendly cup of tea and a tasting of national dishes.

The concert of Turkish culture at the RCNC was attended by about 300 people. Among the guests of honor there were the Ambassador of Turkey in Czech Ahmet Necati Bigali, as well as employees of embassies of the CIS countries.

Organizers: Daniya Altynbaev and Elmira Lyapina.


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