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Urmaev Secondary School celebrated the 150th anniversary

Urmaev Secondary School celebrated the 150th anniversary

September 8, MBOU “Urmaev Secondary School” of the Komsomolsk region of Chuvashia celebrated 150th anniversary. At this far from the capital of the village, children have begun to learn literacy even in the middle of the XIX century – since 1866! “From the madrassa to school – 150 years” – namely to this event a holiday was devoted.

To congratulate villagers on the school anniversary arrived Chairman of the State Council of the Chuvash Republic Yuri Popov and the President of the Republic of Tatarstan State Council Farid Mukhametshin, Chairman of Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov, Education Deputy Ministers of the two regions

Nadezhda Dmitrieva and Ildar Mukhametov, Chairman of the Chuvash Republic on Social Policy of the State Committee of the Council and National Affairs Pyotr Krasnov, Deputy of the State Council of Chuvashia Kiyametdin Miftakhutdinov, Administartion of the Komsomolsk region Khasiyatulla Idiatullin and Alexei Samarkin.

Guests to a gala event attended madrasa of the cathedral mosque “Polat Kara”, got acquainted with the reconstruction of the Central Mosque, and conducted an excursion of the MBOU “Urmaev School” and met with pupils, teachers, veterans of pedagogical work. During the meeting Farid Mukhametshin said in his speech: “I came here because I have great respect for those schools, which keep traditions and national languages. This achievement – a huge work of teachers. How many people have received here a start in life! In addition, teachers are engaged in upbringing. This is their great mission. Rural teachers have always been in the ranks of the rural intelligentsia. If our children are not learning Tatar and Chuvash languages, no one will come after us to say that we

live in a multi-ethnic state. I am sure that here, in Urmaev, lives a happy family of fraternal peoples. Live in peace and harmony. ”

The ceremony was held at the Centre of Tatar culture of the Urmaevsky rural settlement of the Komsomolsk region.

Chairman of the State Council of Chuvashia Yury Popov congratulated villagers of the Urmaev on fete. He noted that for any of the village, a village school – is not only educational, but also a cultural center, around which focuses a social life. Therefore, the 150-year anniversary of the school was a great event for the whole village Urmaev. Also, the speaker of the Parliament of the Republic stressed that for 150 years, the school has been a source of knowledge of the world and the good for pupils. Founded in 1866, it is still the heart and foundation of village life.

Farid Mukhametshin in his congratulatory speech, stressed the importance of the languages, “Chuvash Republic and the Republic of Tatarstan enjoy a long-standing close friendship: in the cultural and social

spheres. Now there is a problem of preservation of the national language of any nation:. Chuvash, Tatars, etc. Your Urmaev school shows across the country a positive example. We entered school: in one class the Tatar language is taught, in another – Chuvash. In addition, learning English and other foreign languages is quite likely. For this many thanks to the teachers for preservation of traditions and culture. I am 35 years old have not spoken in the Tatar language, as studied in the Russian school. Over time, I realized that it is necessary to know the language of your own ancestors. ”

Also, the teachers, children and parents have been congratulated on jubilee and the beginning of the school year by Chairman of the State Committee of the Council of the Chuvash Republic on Social Policy and National Affairs Peter Krasnov, deputy of the State Council of Chuvashia Kiyametdin Miftakhutdinov, Deputy Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Chuvash Republic Nadezhda Dmitrieva, Deputy Minister of Culture, nationalities

and archives of the Chuvash Republic Tatiana Kazakova.

Pyotr Krasnov said that thanks to the efforts of the leadership of the republic for the last five years in a rural village Urmaevsky facilities in socio-cultural sphere have been upgraded.

“I am proud that I am acquainted with such remarkable people, who came to the holyday. I am proud that I was born in this beautiful village, studied at the school. I express my gratitude to my teachers who taught me three languages – Tatar, Chuvash and Russian. Knowledge of languages not once relived and helped me in my work “, – with admiration expressed his r impressions Kiyametdin Miftahutdinov.

During the festive event a ceremony of handing awards and gifts was held.

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