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Vasil Shaikhraziev meets  with members of the Khabarovsk Krai Government

Vasil Shaikhraziev meets  with members of the Khabarovsk Krai Government




Today, on February 21, the Deputy Prime Minister of RT,  the Chairman of the National Council of the World Tatar Congress Vasil Shaykhraziev is on a working visit to Khabarovsk.


As part of the work program, he held a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Khabarovsk Krai Government on internal policy issues Viktor Martsenko. Also, on behalf of the Khabarovsk Krai Government, Alexander Ivagin, the head of the department for the implementation of the state national policy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Information of the Territory, Sergey Komarov, the minister of internal politics and information of the region, Marina Loskutnikova, the first deputy minister of culture of the region, took part in the discussion of vital issues concerning the Tatar people.


Vasil Shaykhraziev noted that since the formation of the National Council, such meetings with the heads of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation have begun. He dwelt  on the structure of the National Council. And he stressed that he was instructed to hold regular meetings with the Tatar community in the federal districts and assist in solving problematic issues. According to him, about 8 thousand Tatars currently live in Khabarovsk and the Tatar public organizations of the region are quite active.


Victor Martsenko, in turn, said that in the Khabarovsk Territory more than 7 thousand Tatars really live and national and religious figures work in close interaction with the authorities. In the province, work is actively conducted at the House of Friendship of Peoples. He also noted the role of the mosque of Khabarovsk and Ahmet khazrat Garifullin in  adapting  migrants from Central Asia.


The main issue that was discussed at the meeting is the place of Sabantuy in Khabarovsk. The stadium where the national holiday was held every year is closed for repairs. Already last year for the measure another place  was chosen. However, it was not very convenient. Victor Martsenko assured that to solve this issue the government will make every effort, and this issue will be discussed with the Tatar community.





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