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Vasil Shaykhraziev: for successful work of the Tatar Congress we must  define the strategy

Vasil Shaykhraziev: for successful work of the Tatar Congress we must define the strategy

The forum “Business Partners of Tatarstan”, held last week, brought together 150 Tartar entrepreneurs from 37 regions of Russia and 13 countries.

The results of the forum and the plans of the World Tatar Congress were discussed with Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the National Council of Milli Shura Vasil Shaykhraziev.

– Vasil Gabtlegayazovich, the current 12th forum had a different format – it was moved from the capital of the republic to the special economic zone “Alabuga”, and the number of delegates decreased markedly – instead of 600-700, only 150 businessmen took part in it. For what purpose has  the format been changed and what results can these changes bring?

– This year we have gathered entrepreneurs in Tatarstan for the 12th time. The first question that we asked them: “After you participated in 11 forums, what proposals will you have, in what formats would you like to meet and talk?” They reported their opinions on this matter: “We are coming 500-600 managers, but our financial capabilities, areas of activity are different. ” Therefore, considering their opinions, and for more thorough work within the framework of the forum, we gathered 150 entrepreneurs in the format, financial possibilities, the desire to develop in one direction or another. This is the first factor.

Secondly, the forum was moved to Elabuga, too, in accordance with the wishes of entrepreneurs. Earlier we held a forum only in Kazan. Entrepreneurs said: “We are proud of Tatarstan, therefore we would like to visit other places”. In the business sphere, our main pride is the special economic zone in Yelabuga. We wanted to show entrepreneurs new standards, because the companies there – Ford Sollers, “Hayat Kimya”, “Kastamonu” – are organized according to new world-class standards. We showed businessmen their opportunities.

Among the delegates already there are those who are interested in the possibilities of the special economic zone. For example, an entrepreneur from Moscow said that he liked the conditions in the SEZ (Free Economic   Zone, and he intends to enter it with his business. Now he is preparing a statement and collecting documents to work here. Thus, the forum in Yelabuga showed that as a result of a general discussion with entrepreneurs and managers, work can be done effectively.

Thirdly, when all the delegates of the forum enjoy the same  financial opportunities, activities, attitudes, that is, equal in the horizontal, then here they have the opportunity to once again get acquainted and discuss further cooperation. Within the framework of the round table, the following suggestions were already made: “You can do this with you, I can organize this with me” – there are some agreements.

We discussed the results of this forum in the executive committee of the World Congress of Tatars. We must first of all thank each leader who came to the forum, and next year to offer them new opportunities, ideas. This is our common cause.

– Now you, as the head of the national council of Milli Shura, probably think about creating a system of working with Tatar entrepreneurs in different countries. What are the plans for establishing such cooperation?

– At first glance, on August 3 it was as if yesterday. Since then, at the suggestion of our President Rustam Nurgaliyevich, I was elected by  the delegates of the congress as the chairman of the national council, four months have passed in my new position. Although I am a Tatar and a leader, I have not seriously dealt with national issues before. Therefore, having become interested in the desire to extend a helping hand to the Tatars, I travel to the regions, foreign countries, to the regions where the Tatar autonomies operate, and I see how the Tatar Congress works. I listen to their proposals, I observe their work with local authorities. Truly, our congress does great things, for 25 years it has correctly built its foundation, worked for the sake of our compatriots, our language and religion, for uniting the Tatars.

At present, the plans of the World Congress of Tatars for 2018 have been  drawn up. These plans will be approved by December 10 and next year we will work on them. We have three positions in our plans: the first is Milli Shura, the second is the executive committee, and the third is the audit commission. Our Tatars in the regions should know what kind of event and in which month of the year will take place and on what occasion we will meet. The plan always creates convenience.

Among our compatriots in the regions there are different people. Some leaders of autonomies are literally burning for the cause of preserving our language, culture, and religion. They are not businessmen, they work in their own way. And others can be both an entrepreneur and a manager – they work differently. And there are others – in our congress they are registered only as entrepreneurs, and they also work in their own way.

I want to say: the task of the World Congress of Tatars is to support everyone. We must help our Tatars, wherever they live and work.


Secondly, we must unite them. We Tatars should be proud of our nation, language, religion, our people, our deeds, great people – therefore, we must unite. Thirdly, we should be grateful. They are grateful to those who work, spares no effort and time for the welfare of their nation. Helping, uniting, being grateful is our main motto.

– I would like to know about your plans for further work in the National Council “Milli Shura”. In what regions are you going and for what purpose?

“I would say a little differently here.” The main goal is to support our compatriots. In the course of my work I understand many things. During meetings with heads, chiefs of administrations, governors, I always feel proud for the Tatar people. Wherever the Tatars live, they are known as a hard-working and friendly people, they are able to build relationships based on mutual understanding with local authorities and are able to live using their capabilities.

The success of Tatarstan is in strategy. So now we need to build a strategy for the development of the Tatar people. We need to sit together and determine – what we should be in  20th year, in  25th and 30th years. This is our unity.

For each Tatar, Tatarstan is a native land, ancestral land, so we are here to remain an example, so that the Tatars can always feel proud when they return here. We should set an example for preserving our language, architecture, religion, educating our children, preserving families, national clothes. It is important for us in Tatarstan to be vigilant, because we often go somewhere and teach, and we solve the problems on our site for later. It is not right. Most come to Tatarstan for experience, an example, to look at investment opportunities, take an example in sports, look at the activities of ministries – on youth affairs, healthcare – everywhere we are an example.

– You said about the strategy. As far as I understand, it will be in different industries. Yet your personal opinion is of interest: in what sphere of the Tatar life  some adjustment are needed?

– You know, this is one of the most difficult questions. If to speak in scales of all Russia, then Russia is very large. At home, in Tatarstan, one kind of mentality, finance, history, opportunities. But the further we get from Tatarstan, we get into another situation.

If we want to change it from the mental side, entering a place, first, we must ask ourselves: do we do the right thing? They feel comfortable in their situation. However, we must explain to them the value of preserving the Tatar language, our nation, and cultural heritage. They must preserve this all and pass on from generation to generation, children, grandchildren.

According to the strategy, we need to reach every Tatar and say: “You are a Tatar, you must know your language, religion, traditions, honoor the graves of your parents.” It begins with this. If we can touch these strings and work together, then there is hope and the matter will  be settled.

To work in the goals set before us together with representatives of the congress in the regions is our main task. Successful implementation of the development strategy of the Tatar people will consist in the fulfillment of these tasks.

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