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Vladimir “Byahet” celebrated its 15th anniversary

Vladimir “Byahet” celebrated its 15th anniversary

The VI annual regional festival “Days of Tatar national culture in Vladimir” was held from  January 29 to 31. The event was timed to the 15th anniversary of the Tatar cultural center “Byahet”.

Cultural Center

Participants and guests of the festival admitted it  very symbolic that “Byahet” is translated from Tatar as “happiness.” Indeed, to maintain their traditions, culture, language, art, friendship and understanding with other peoples inhabiting the Vladimir region – isn’t it  not  happiness!

And now, for 15 years Tatar Cultural Centre “Byahet” (Tatar written “Byahet”) helps the Vladimir Tatars protect their identity. At the heart of the center is  youth organization of the same name.

Makatdes Murtazin

Head of  “Byahet” Makatdes Murtazin said:

– The festival “Days of Tatar national culture in Vladimir” is held within the framework of cultural and educational programs, “Friendship of peoples through cultural friendship.” And this program is designed for five years, enjoys the support of the grant from the regional administration.

Throughout the year, “Byahet” conducts an intense cultural and educational work in different areas. These are  learning the Tatar language   by kids on the basis of one of the kindergartens and evening tea parties in  Tatar. These are  dances, songs and theatrical performances of Tatar life by  “Miras” creative studio ( “Heritage”). This  is a close relationship with Tatarstan, Tatar Diaspora that supports the regions. And even  sports directions  develop:  anyone can master    Tatar-Bashkir national belt wrestling “kuresh”   in Vladimir. And much more!

Sharing food traditions

“Days of Tatar culture” began  by  master classes  in  Tatar cuisine. It is  held  not  for the first time on the basis of and in cooperation with the Technical School of Economics and Law.

Nuria Husnullina with grandchildren

And here we were able to hold the principle of cultural exchange: the Tatars themselves could   remember their traditions and to acquaint Russian and other neighbors of different nationalities  with them. College girl student Julia Sukhova  prepared message   on Tatar traditions of cooking. When performed, Tatar students helped    her to correctly pronounce the names of their national dishes.

And so began the practice of cooking: parallel to the student of the Institute,  a professional chef of a restaurant Olga Kuznetsova cooked  Kazan  pilaf. And side by side with her mistress of a large  Tatar family  Nuria Husnulina  cooked sweet cookies  “kosh tele ” (literally translated as “bird’s tongue”).

All wishing  the subtleties of national recipes   have learned them.  And,  at the end,   tasted  the cooked at the  general large table.

So thanks to “Byahet” and its program a group of college students  of the college  under the guidance of a teacher Nina Milovidova expanded  their  professional outlook on cuisines of the world.

Hymn of the Tatar language and culture

Exhibition and sale of national food


When not being a Tatar, you know, that Tatar culture – one of the great cultures of the world – isn’t it  a beautiful result of the Tatar cultural center ?! It is this feeling  of involvement that captured  me during the climax of the action of the  Days of Tatar culture in Vladimir.

A  big concert program with participation of the famous State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Republic of Tatarstan took place  on Sunday, January 31st.

The concert  alternated   by socializing guests in the lobby. Hundreds of people gathered, Tatar language  organically sounded mixed up with Russian. Of course, it is primarily a holiday for Vladimir Tatars, but also for  representatives of other nationalities here was  quite interesting.

The exhibition showcased samples of the best dishes of Tatar cuisine. In addition to the familiar “kosh tele “, there were chak-chak, Gubadiya pies  with the inscription “Byahet – 15” You could buy arts and crafts, souvenirs, books of Tatarstan.

In the Concert Hall  named after S. I. Taneev  the main events of the festival were  held. The Cultural Center “Byahet” on the anniversary of this day was    congratulated  by  vice-speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Vladimir region Vyacheslav Kartukhin, deputy director of the department of culture Sergei Zotov, deputy head of the  Vladimir city administration  Oksana Erashova and others. Deputy of the Legislative Assembly Svetlana Mangusheva welcomed the participants  in Russian and Tatar.

Rafael Khabibullin


– Traditions of their language and culture  usually are  retained  by older people, – said chairman of the Board of the regional public organization “The autonomy of  Vladimir region Tatars ” Rafail Khabibullin. – But in recent years we have seen great interest in our roots and in our youth.

The bridge of friendship between Vladimir and Kazan symbolized Russian songs and dances performed by the State vocal and choreographic ensemble “Rus”. Tatars ovation in appreciation of  Russian artists were stormy.

But a special drive the  audience experienced during the main event of the festival – performances   by  the State Ensemble of Song and Dance of Tatarstan. The collective  known as the legendary, contains the best creative forces of the republic. Dozens of the best artists, hundreds of gorgeous costumes, live singing, a wonderful orchestra. Whatever the soloist – the a laureate  of the high artistic rank. This ensemble – “visiting  card” of the republic.  The way it is!

The famous team presented an incredible energy program called “Golden Fund”. A great power and lyricism, sadness and humor, singing and dancing, instrumental music altertanted. Only the highest level of performance was  unchanged.

A festival  has ended  by anthem in  native language, which  the audience  sang along with the soloists of the famous ensemble from Tatarstan. But not only the song, but all the action  has been  generally accepted as the national anthem to  Tatar language and culture.

A feeling of true happiness reigned. In Tatar happiness means “Byahet”. This word  during the “Days of Tatar culture in Vladimir”  I will   remember and never forget

Alexander Izvestkov,   photos  by  the author


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