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Vladimir Putin with Rustam Minnikhanov

Vladimir Putin with Rustam Minnikhanov

On December 21,  the working meeting between President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Rustam Minnikhanov was held.

The meeting was held in Moscow.

During the meeting, Rustam Minnikhanov answered a number of questions that interested the head of state.

Rustam Minnikhanov informed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the work being done in the republic to solve the problems of defrauded co-investors, as well as the investors of troubled banks. “We have established a fund for depositors, we have already begun payments. The work is organized, “Rustam Minnikhanov assured.

According to Rustam Minnikhanov,  the  work is also being done on problem housing projects. “Now we are creating a fund, we will help with land and infrastructure,” he said. – A federal fund is being created, but it is for the future. But those people who have already found themselves in such a difficult situation, we will help”.

Speaking in general about the economy of the region, the President of Tatarstan reported that by the end of the year the authorities of the republic forecast the growth of the gross regional product (GRP) and the index of industrial production. “Five and a half percent growth in our agricultural products,” said, in particular, Rustam Minnikhanov.

Rustam Minnikhanov also touched on road construction issues separately and noted one of the projects. “Very good project – special coverage for rural streets, where the traffic is not very large,” Rustam Minnikhanov said. He explained that the construction of such roads is much cheaper.

Rustam Minnikhanov, within the framework of the conversation with the President of Russia, also reported on the implementation of programs to achieve key socio-economic indicators. “As for the” May decrees, “we fully comply with them,” he assured. – All the planned figures for this year’s performance. ”

Later, on the official website of the President of Russia, a transcript of the conversation between Rustam Minnikhanov and Vladimir Putin was published.

R.Minnikhanov: I wanted to report, Vladimir Vladimirovich, the expectations and results of this year. I prepared several presentation materials on socio-economic development, for those projects that we are implementing in the republic. We expect a 103 per cent increase in gross domestic product.

Vladimir Putin: Regional?

R.Minnikhanov: Yes. Two trillion.

Vladimir Putin: It will be higher than in Russia as a whole.

R.Minnikhanov: Volumes and index of industrial production – 102, 102.2 – it is 2.167 billion. 5.5 percent growth in our output of agriculture – we go to 260 billion. The volume of construction work has not fallen – 356 billion rubles, we will commission 2407 thousand square meters of housing.

Vladimir Putin: Is this roughly the same as last year?

R.Minnikhanov: One hundred percent. We keep this figure. But the most important part, somewhere around 500 thousand square meters – affordable housing for those categories that go under our programs. Investments in fixed assets – 677 billion. I think, at the level of last year it will be . Foreign trade turnover is 16 billion rubles. The manufacturing industry is enlarged due to processing.

I did some analysis. By 2010, we increased by 10 percent in terms of production, we produced 167 percent of diesel fuel and gasoline, we produced synthetic rubber by 725,000, 142 percent, polyethylene by 120 percent, mineral fertilizers, a new plant-six times, on tires – 112 percent, for trucks – 150 percent, for cars – 110 percent. And I wanted to tell you about those projects that we are implementing in the republic. This is primarily a painful topic …

Vladimir Putin: The roads?

R.Minnikhanov: Yes, roads. We  have implemented this year at the expense of the republican programs by almost 28 billion. Here,  reconstruction, and repair, and roads with hard surface, roads for our farms. Very good project, inexpensive – it’s the ShFS. This is not asphalt, but special coverage for rural streets, where traffic is not very large. Municipal Road Fund. Many thanks for the safe and high-quality roads.

Vladimir Putin: You are there, in my opinion, and made a new strip?

R.Minnikhanov: Yes, a new category, the fifth category of roads have been made. Significantly it is cheaper, do not need huge any costs to do.

Vladimir Putin: I agree. It’s a good experience, right. At us in general it is slightly wider than in other countries. But where there is no intensive movement, there is no such necessity.

R.Minnikhanov: We brought this into this standard, the Transport Ministry supported us. I want to report on our programs. We have 37 programs, next year will be 38. Here we have only 44 billion investments, at the expense of budget funds – 25 billion. This is a major overhaul of polyclinics, I reported to you, in two years we must completely complete all the primary care units – polyclinics – to put them in order according to the standard. Overhaul of educational facilities. We repair schools and kindergartens every year. It will be somewhere under 140 objects.

The public spaces are a very good program. We have made nearly 68 billion objects. Here, federal support was given to us. Resource centers, training centers. Under the task you set, working specialties, we already have 25 resource centers. In 2018, five more resource centers will do. Adolescent clubs, children’s camps. We have now begun repairs, every year we repair 10 camps. Objects of cultural purpose. In each district, we necessarily build a club and repair clubs. 984 houses under the program of overhaul. There is a program. We are now helping garden associations with issues of water, roads, gas supply. They were somewhat forgotten. There is a special program of ours, every year we allocate and solve 550 million dollars. Provision of water, wastewater, engineering networks. We also have a program to put in order the farm that is in the village. Co-financing, we give part. These cowsheds, silos and senazhnye trenches, vegetable storehouses, machine-tractor parks, somewhere at 2350 million rubles, 646 objects. Work on lighting. In rural areas, the transition to individual boilers, the program “Affordable Environment.” We work on boiler houses. Many programs, 37 programs. All of them are realized. As for the “May decrees,” Vladimir Vladimirovich, we also fully implement the road map: all the planned figures for education, higher education, medicine.

Vladimir Putin: Do you support large families too?

R.Minnikhanov: We also are working  on large families, we allocate land plots.

Vladimir Putin: In my opinion, the program has been running since 2007.

R.Minnikhanov: This is a social mortgage program, it works. Somewhere this year, almost 10 thousand apartments we have for this program. In general, and the execution of the budget somewhere with a growth of more than six percent. We solve all these issues. There is a problem of interest holders. We are also creating a fund. We will help with land, infrastructure. There is such a category. Now the federal fund is being created, but it is for the future. Those who are in a difficult situation, we will also help them. I also informed you about the problem of depositors. The fund was also established. Already started paying out small amounts for legal entities. This work is also has been  organized.

Vladimir Putin: All right.

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