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We are together, we are united!

We are together, we are united!

Report by Chairman of Executive Committee World Congress of Tatars R.Z. Zakirov at an expanded meeting of Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars
(7 December 2013)

Dear compatriots!
Dear Colleagues,

Summing up the year – one of the established traditions of the World Congress of Tatars. The expanded meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars is held for the eleventh time.

Now, allow me to report on the work that has been done during the year. What makes us delighted is the emergence of a single Tatar world as a result of a tireless national movement. And today, we can confidently say that our movement coincides with progressive development of Tatarstan. We all see what great accomplishments carries out Tatarstan with support of the Tatar people living outside the republic. With the help of our republic a great work is under way in the regions, in many directions, for example, on holding Sabantui fete, providing textbooks in native language for our children , on organization of national-cultural centers, opening of museums and monuments to prominent Tatars, on Tatar national wrestling tournaments, horseracing. Apropos, another great tradition is implanted in our life – it is awarding grants of the President of Tatarstan to projects that are aimed at national and cultural development of Tatar nation.

Important role is played in these activities by Representations of Tatarstan. In general, participation of delegations from the Republic in these large-scale events, certainly, contributes to convergence between Tatarstan and our compatriots. We are immensely grateful for this to the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov . We see how many trips around the country and the world he makes. Despite a very busy schedule of visits, he finds time to meet with representatives of the Tatar communities on the spots.

As always, this year Sabantui movement proved to be a huge event capable of attracting large masses of our people. Federal Sabantui in Tumen land, all-Russia village Sabantui in a famous Barda of Perm Krai , these measures managed to demonstrate a rich culture, beautiful traditions of the Tatar people across the country.

Today Sabantui movement is held not only in Russia, it manifests itself in 23 countries.

You know , the World Congress of Tatars from the early days of its work focuses on the problems of education. In 90th years, our nation showed up the great activity in this area. Considering requests of the people, Tatarstan leadership commenced reviving and development of education system. It was during those years in Kazan and other towns and regional centers, dozens of Tatar schools, gymnasiums, Tatar- Turkish high schools were opening. Tatar Institute for the Humanities opened in Kazan where our young people came willingly. Separate department of the Tatar language, literature and history was set up in the Kazan State University. Groups with Tatar language were formed in many higher education institutions in Tatarstan.

I want to mention another project related to education . It is an opening of the Boarding school for gifted children in Kazan. Creating such an institution – an old dream of all the Tatar world. Last year, this sacred matter was blessed by the President of Tatarstan. Today, RT Ministry of Education and Science is engaged in coordination of land plot and project documents for this school.

For over 20 years, we have been living in a market. During this time, a generation of Tatar business entrepreneurs has appeared. There are enough such people in the regions, and, importantly , every year their influence and assistance for national life is growing. Ten years ago, the World Congress of  Tatars began a successful partnership with entrepreneurs from the regions of the Russian Federation. By efforts of Tatar entrepreneurs. in some regions, trade houses “Tatarstan” have come into effect. They were able to organize sale of goods of Tatarstan in the regions. These trading houses provided a substantial help for national organizations in the field.

I would like to mention one very common in Tatar world form of business – village entrepreneurship. This movement , we believe, is the main force in preservation and development of the Tatar villages. What it is, we see on example and experience of highly successful Tatar villages . In order to disseminate such best practices , the World Congress of Tatars began to hold annual gatherings of Tatar village businessmen. In a short time, these gatherings have managed to gain a great prestige among the people of Tatarstan. President personally involved in these gatherings. At the last gathering, the President of Tatarstan announced opening of a new market platforms in Kazan within “Agroprompark” and invited everyone to conduct their business there. Entrepreneurs from the regions with great enthusiasm welcomed the news. In March, next year, the III All-Russian assembly of rural entrepreneurs is to be held.

The departing year was rich in various events, among which, of course, the Student World Universiade is highlighted. Our organization in the regions were not left out of this great festival of sports. Your representatives from many regions and countries were the guests of Tatarstan at this Universiade. The success of Universiade has been recognized not only in the country, but also worldwide. Undoubtedly, Universiade-2013 moved Tatarstan to the international arena.

Pursuant to decisions of the V Congress of the World Congress of Tatars, Information and Analysis Department has started working under WCT Executive Committee. Through the efforts of its staff a new the WCT website and information studio ” Denya” ( World ) began working. Today a presentation of the new site will be held where you get acquainted with its work. You familiar newspaper “Halyk Minem” and broadcasting ” Halyk Minem ” (My nation) on channel TNV continue to go on air in a new year.

Recently, appeals to Tatar Congress kept coming, here are the issues: they relate to currently developed new standards for the concept of Russian history. Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, Institute of History led by Rafail Khakimov takes part in this work. According to the proposed concept, it turns out that the Tatar people has nothing to do with the Golden Horde. This does not correspond to historical truth, because the world historiography on this issue has been studied in detail. The World Tatar Congress addressed all these issues with a special letter to the chairman of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin, who heads the commission on developing a new concept of Russian history.

Years are passing by, but the scales of the World Tatar Congress affairs are growing, expanding horizons. Our movement has more than 20-year history , and the results of this movement are obvious: our lines are growing stronger with each passing year, they are expanding, changing generation , new people keep coming. Only one thing remains constant – a strong spirit of our people, their aspirations for the future . Therefore, the nation is alive, and is going forward. And if we fell together to participate in these great deeds , let us not down the nation – we are together, we are united.

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