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What language do you think?

What language do you think?

In the city Kuznetsk, Penza region, librarians held an opinion poll survey, which 300 people took part in. They answered five questions : ” What is your ethnicity ? “, ” What language do you think? “, ” What language do you think mother tongue?” “Do you know how to read in your native language, writing, speaking ,” and “Do you feel the need to read literature in your native language?”.

84 % of respondents were Russian, 9% – Tatars, 2% – Mordvinians , 1% – Chuvash , 0.7 % – Uzbeks, Armenians and Azerbaijanis. 2% of respondents are not aware of their ethnic or national origin ( and some wrote: Mom – Tatar , Dad – Russian ) , several people responded to the question: “The Russian”.

74 % of users who identify themselves as Tatars consider Tatar language native, 11 % consider Russian as their native language, while 15 % do not make a difference between these two languages.

In the native language think only 22% of Tatars, in Russian – 52%. Another 26 % use both mentally language.

Speak, read and write Tatar language are able 44% of respondents . Basically, the polled aged 15 to 35 years. 22% do not know how to write, and 26% can only communicate in their native language. 83% of respondents do not have a need for reading literature in the native – non-Russian – language.

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