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What unusual presents were gifted to Vladimir Putin in Tatarstan

What unusual presents were gifted to Vladimir Putin in Tatarstan

On the birthday of the president of Russia let’s recall the most unusual gifts that he received from Tatarstan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on October 7 celebrated his 63rd birthday. Head of the country has no plans to take leave, and today’s evening will hold in company with well-known athletes, politicians and businessmen, whom with take part in a gala match, which to take place at the Olympic Park in Sochi. Players have already prepared a gift to the president, who will be awarded immediately after the game.

Portal ProKazan.ru made a selection of the most unusual gifts, which president of Russia had received from the Tatarstaners.

Kimono and arm wrestling at Sabantui

In June 2000, Vladimir Putin walked at the Tatar Sabantui. This holiday was remembered by the fact that the president appeared in public for the first time not in traditional suit and tie, but in beige canvas shirt and light trousers.

The head of state was presented kimono at Sabantui. But Putin, who is a master of sports in sambo and judo, surprised everyone. He preferred not a national Tatar belt wrestling “kuresh”, but arm wrestling. In this comic competition president confronted the girl, so he quickly won.

Mini horse from Ilsur Metshin

The most unusual gift was made by the Mayor of Nizhnekamsk Ilsur Metshin. Yes, you heard right – in 2005 when Kazan pompously celebrated its 1000th anniversary, the current mayor of the capital of Tatarstan was head of another city.

Ilsur Metshin Putin presented a mini-pony named Chip. Height at the withers it only 57 centimeters. The horse so pleased Vladimir Vladimirovich that he took it with him to Sochi. There at the “Bocharov ruchei”, first, horse was named Simeon, and then renamed Vadik. Miniature ponies quickly became friends with Kony. But his girlfriend – a mini-pony named Guppy stayed in Tatarstan. She was transferred to a children’s equestrian school where she used to ride kids.

Chelnintsy gave Bedouin to V. Putin

In March 2005, the Russian president visited the site near Dmitrov, where he met with the team “KAMAZ-master” from Naberezhnye Chelny. The guys in that year for the sixth time became the winners of the unofficial world championship – rally “Paris-Dakar”. Vladimir Putin, could not resist the temptation to ride in a car that had just arrived from Dakar.

Chelnintsy handed the head of state a copy of the cup rally “Paris-Dakar – 2005” – a stylized copper Bedouin.

Icon of Kazan Mother of God of Sviyazhsk

In August, 2012, Vladimir Putin again visited Tatarstan. This time he visited the ancient city of Bolgar and

Sviyazhsk island. In the church of St. Herman of Kazan and Mitrofan of Voronezh, Head of State was gifted a a copy of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, made at a local icon workshop. This icon was recovered in 1579 and is one of the most revered in Russia.

The Russian President also visited the Stables of Holy Dormition Monastery. In memory of the president of the Russian Federation, local blacksmiths forged and presented a horseshoe for good luck, and a board with a symbolic key to all the temples on the island.

The book of fairy tales by G. Tukai

In June, 2015, Vladimir Putin visited the Book Festival in Red Square. Without the gifts Head of State has not remained – Tatarstan publishers presented him a tale by G. Tukai “Shurale” in 15 languages.

Vladimir Putin, himself likes to present gifts. A schoolgirl of 5th grade of the Kazan gymnasium № 12, Svetlana Medvedev got a German shepherd puppy. Another schoolboy asked the President of Russia his portrait in the frame, which he put on his desk. Under the strict eyes of the president, he began to perform homework more responsible.

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