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Women Activists of “Ak kalfak” under RNCAT NO hold meeting

Women Activists of “Ak kalfak” under RNCAT NO hold meeting

At the editor’s office of the regional newspaper “Tugan Yak” (Sergach) women leaders and activists of the regional organization “Ak kalfak”, from regions of compact residence of the Tatars held meeting. 19 women of different ages and professions come here, to share experiences and discuss future plans.

Zilya Akhmadullina Aliyeva, head of the regional organization, Zokhra Aliyeva Idrisova, chief of the charity department of the Temple mosque began from the very pleasant and gave each woman chak-chak in a beautiful gift box. To the point, they crossed before the meeting three Tatar villages with gifts for children for needy families, as well as the orphanage in village Salgany.

Zilya khanum presented a festival organizer, poet and folk singer Tanzilya Aliyeva Nurullina Letter of Gratitude from the Executive Committee of the

World Congress of Tatars for active participation in the social life of the Tatars. She also briefed about all the events that take place in the city, and told about the last joint with the Spiritual Board of Muslims of the event dedicated to the upbringing of children in the Tatar families. Emphasis was placed on the fact that there is a CD “Tarbiya baskychlary”, using which can be the topic of interest to women of all ages.

Zilya Aliyeva also has shared her impressions of participation in the work of the commission “Culture and spiritual heritage of the Tatar people”, who was overseen by leader of “Ak kalfak” of the World women’s organization K. R. Idrisova and gave her words, that “… women’s organizations must be everywhere. And the preservation of national identity, the revival of rituals and customs, respect for the mother tongue, exhibitions of artisans and craftsmen are the responsibilities of each woman. We must understand this and perceive this as an obligation before our people. ” And further speeches by each of the women present, in the form of rapid- introduction proved that Nizhny

Novgorod Tatar ladies understand this duty well. Women told so many interesting and useful information, shared views and experiences of this or that event. The meeting was relaxed, informal and held in a warm and friendly atmosphere in the form of “village get-togethers.” But at the same time several major decisions were taken up :

– Leaders of the districts already selected previously, will oversee the activities of rural branches of “Ak kalfak”.

– Inter-district curator to choose Zhiganshina Nailya khanum . Executive Secretary of “Tugan Yak” newspaper.

– To choose a place of holding II gathering of Tatar women and competition “Nizhgarbikya”, providing that there are two settlements, who want to hold them at their home: village Tussock-Pozharki, the Sergach district and. Safadzhai, the Pilninsky district. Collect opinions and suggestions on the venue and subject matter of these events in January and at the next meeting to voice them for a final decision.

– To ensure that “Ak kalfak” should had branches in every Tatar settlement.

– The next meeting to be held in late January, at the “Tugan Yak” editor’s office.

Each woman was awarded two New Year’s gifts for they in their villages to hand them to children from poor families. The meeting ended with a tea party organized by the staff of “Tugan Yak” edition, for which many thanks to them.

The final meeting of women activists of the “Ak kalfak” Nizhny Novgorod will be held on December 23 in RNCAT NO office.

According to the materials of the Nizhniy Novgorod region RNKAT NO.

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