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Women’s power and the Tatar Alenka: an exhibition of the “Azat Khatyn” magazine has opened in Tatmedia

Women’s power and the Tatar Alenka: an exhibition of the “Azat Khatyn” magazine has opened in Tatmedia

March  03, 2020

In the gallery “Tatmedia” in honor of the upcoming holiday on March 8, presented an exhibition of the archive of the journal “Azat Khatyn”. Under this title, the publication “Syuyumbike” was published from 1927 to 1991.

“The history of Syuyumbike magazine has about a hundred years. In all periods of its existence, the publication was intended primarily to show the beauty of the Tatar girl and her hard work. Women in our country were not only housewives or milkmaids, but also valiantly defended their homeland on the fronts of World War II, ”said General Director of Tatmedia JSC Shamil Sadykov.

In August, the Syuyumbike editorial office introduced a column dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. The authors of the magazine choose the covers of the isues of past years and try to find their heroines in order to find out how their fates developed. Among the girls are construction workers, agricultural workers, KAMAZ employees, crane operators, scientists, doctors who have made a great contribution to the life of Tatarstan. As a result, they decided to present part of the covers at a special exhibition.

“We decided to open the exhibition on the eve of March 8, because no matter how strong a woman is or whoever works, she, despite everything, remains a fragile and weak woman. That is, her strength lies in her weakness, ”said Larisa Malikova, editor-in-chief of Syuyumbike magazine.

The exhibition displays the covers of the «Azat Khatyn» magazine, which together represent a gallery of women’s images of the republic since the 1930s. For example, this is “On the Tukay Kirlay collective farm” of the Arsky district, a member of the first brigade – comrade Miftakhova Karima and a member of the second brigade – comrade Valieva were appointed seeders by car ”1933,“ Student of a pedagogical institute, student of the flight school of Kazan aero club Masgud Zaripov ”1938, “Hero of the Soviet Union Magub Syrtlanov” in 1963 or “Advanced milkmaid of the collective farm“ Yarysh “of the Menzelinsky district, deputy of the village Council, communist Gulfiya Mullakhmetova” 1977. The spelling and punctuation of those years are preserved in the photo captions, so that visitors can more strongly feel the aura of the era.

Shamil Sadykov also suggested making an online exposition of the magazine’s historical covers, because only a small part of the Syuyumbike archive is presented at the exhibition.

One of the covers presented belongs to the 1940 New Year’s issue. “It  is the most touching and the saddest for me. People on the eve of the New Year sent wishes for next year, not suspecting that a war would begin literally in six months, ”the editor-in-chief of Syuyumbike noted.

The guests of the exhibition called the portrait of a girl in a scarf on the cover “Tatar Alyonushka”. Journalists of the publication admitted that they also called this cover in the editorial office.

Photo artists in the magazine were M. Blatt, Rif Yakupov, Damir Yusupov and Natalya Kazakova. Freelance photographs for “Syuyumbike” Rustam Mukhametzyanov, two covers with his pictures are presented at the exhibition.

“Two photos for the covers were made on film, and they will be useful to me, because now I am transferring the archive of my photos to digital format. On social networks, I post photos related to the 100th anniversary of the TASSR, and the heroes of the magazine will be in the selection just in time, ”Mukhametzyanov shared.

The history of the educational journal “Syuyumbike” for Tatar women began in 1913. After the October Revolution, a magazine called “Azat Khatyn” was published from 1927 until 1941. A long break followed, and the publication began to appear again in 1957 under the same name as «Azat Khatyn». Only in 1991 did the magazine regain its original name “Syuyumbike”.

Marat Ishkildin


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