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Youth council at the Rep-office of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation in a new format of communication

Youth council at the Rep-office of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation in a new format of communication

Since the moment of its foundation ( November 2013 ), such an expanded meeting held for the first time.

The meeting was opened by Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia Akhtareev Azat Chulpanovich , having marked that young people play a greater role in public life in the Moscow region.

Speaking has been continued by chairman of the Youth Council Emil Faizullin, who having voiced a summary on Tatar youth of Moscow, immediately went to the agenda.

The question number 1 was the presentation of project competition ” Hyaryakyat”.

Next, it was on participation of Moscow youth in the World Forum of Tatar Youth ( WFTY ), which this year will take place from August 01 to 06, in Kazan ( the forum is held every 2 years ).

” The selection of applications for participation in WFTY – 2014 , considering the restriction on number of members forming the delegation, priority will be given to the guys , actively participating in social activities of the Tatar capital ,” – Emil Faizullin said.

We remind that that at the forum in 20012, Moscow delegation suggested to include in the resolution forum three proposals, one of which was to facilitate creating the All-Russian Tatar Football League and host the final games in Kazan in September 2014 . Proposals were supported and included in the resolution . From the initiators if Football League all the necessary documents have been prepared and sent to the RF Ministry of Sports. However, the response has not yet been received. In this connection , during the meeting Emil Faizullin turned to Deputy Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation A.Ch. Ahtareev to provide assistance in resolving this issue .

Further, Ildar Faizullin, board member of the Youth Council continued presentation , with a report on the outcome of a citywide celebration “Sabantui 2013 .” According to the speaker at the ” Sabantui -2013″, a marquee of Tatar youth, uniting multi-thousand audiences of Tatar youth of Moscow first was erected. In addition , it was noted about the saturation of the youth program , and the positive experience of cooperation between youth organizations with the commercial sector .

According to the results of joint activities, a tangible effect and valuable experience of cooperation for both sides has been obtained.

After the completion of the report on behalf of the organizing committee “Sabantui -2013”, letters of thanks for guys , actively participated in the organization and implementation of youth programs citywide celebration were awarded.

Ildar Ziyatdinov , head of Tatar fraternities NITUT MISIS , spoke about the project of the Youth Council – tour “Moscow Tatar .” Excursions were held on 30 March and April 27, 2014. Feature of this project in addition to discover the history of the famous Tatar people living in Moscow and buildings associated with the history of the Tatars , still lies in the fact that after an excursion, Tea Party is organized and the youth can continue to communicate at the House of Asadullayev with a cup of tea at the same time to get acquainted with new projects of Tatar youth organizations.

Indira Starkov and Ruslan Kakushkin surprised with the bright performance of Tatar Youth Festival alfresco «Tatfest». The festival, which is planned as part of the kerchief town and saturated two-day program is , in fact, a continuation of the project associated with going out of Tatar youth. Going out 2014, which is already referred to as «tatfest», plans to raise 300 people.

At the meeting, projects ” Tatarcha volleyball ” ( leader Khayrullova Elvira ), “Tatar Youth Meetings with Famous People ” ( leaders Rashid Aisin and Ayrat Dolkafilov ) were presented.

About the discussion platform of the Youth Council, board member of the Youth Council Alsu Minbaeva reported. According to the speaker , a discussion forum with the possibility of public expression of views and opinions on the current socio-political , cultural and socio – economic issues can serve as a tool for understanding the ongoing processes in the Tatar society and create socially useful ideas among young people.

About recitation competition and the concept of working with university fraternities, told representative MGIMO Tatar fraternity Aigul Sabirova , focusing on the need to organize regular meetings between representatives of the Youth Council and university students .

Completion of the meeting was the awarding letters of thanks to youth constantly taking an active part in public life of Tatar Moscow region.

According to members of the Youth Council , similar meetings will be held regularly since they contribute to dissemination of information about current projects, share experiences and find solutions for issues that arise during the implementation of projects.

Press Service of the Youth Council at the RT Rep-office in the in the Russian Federation.

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