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Youth programs to appear at the X Kazan Film Festival

Youth programs to appear at the X Kazan Film Festival

From September 5 to 11, 2014, the X International Festival of Muslim Cinema will be held in Kazan. Competitive short-list will be formed as early as August 1, seeing of submitted applications at this time is bing carried out by selection committee headed by the famous Russian film critic Sergei Lavrentiev (Moscow). At the same time, the work is under way on the development of non-competition and parallel programs.

First time, a special program appears at the festival focused on student and youth audience. In the section “Young Short’y” short films to be shown shot by young directors from different countries. Screenings are free and will be held at the Mir Cinema during the festival days.

“This program should be of great interest for Kazan youth – says art director of X KMFMC Albina Nafigova. – Surely, even more “adult” audience will undoubtedly be interested to see how and what about young directors in the world are shooting films. The organizing committee has received a lot of good short films from young directors in Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Iraq. There will be several works by graduates of the London School of Film and Television – an institution that nurtured dozens of world-class directors. It’s very delightful that Tatarstan will be presented by really nice “young” shorts”.

In addition to the “Young Short’y», the X Kazan Film Festival will present a number of other programs and special events designed to attract a younger audience. Outstanding event will be informal ceremony of opening and closing of the festival, which will take place in the format of cinema party of “Oscar” style at the Mir cinema “Mir”.

“Working with a young audience – an important vector of the Kazan Film Festival – executive director of KMFMC Marat Davletov said. – In general, a jubilee festival will retain its traditional format, its direction, which our regular viewers got accustomed. But this year there will be more youth programs, creative activities, first held movie-workshop. We need to join young people to a good, intelligent cinema, it is an urgent task”.

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